Carnival 2K12 Review: Foreigners Fly Down Tuh Party Til Dey Lie Down

24 05 2012

Wanted to wait and really marinate d past season in the deepest consciousness of meh mind before giving feedback.  I am going to do something different this year too.  Just straight to the point and no long explanation, just a grade and a brief summary.


Thursday @ Hilton poolside was magnificent.  A gunta free cooler fete for $120tt with the DJs only flinging tune afte tune after tune.  The live entertainment by Shal, TC and Swappi was decent and not overkill.  Grade A

Friday @ La Barge was surprisingly pleasant.  Last minute thing and we just roll with it.  Music was d best.  The crowd was very well behaved.  Fireworks when in soca feteing bliss…….priceless.  Probably not going back next year because by them EVERYBODY and they mother go want to go and it will be ruined.  Grade A

Friday @ Girl Power.  Time to cremate and bury that fete.  Never going back.  Music was pumping down by d Oval and dem playing music wit tweeters at Jenny’s carpark.  And i had enough of listening to that annoying host.  Grade D

Saturday @ Eclipze.  The Best.  Grade A++

Sunday @ Shades.  Breakfast options was below average.  Crowd was good.  Music was good except for the lapses during the foreign act live performance.  Bar did not bust but needs some 1919 in dey.  Moments of niceness but needs that extra push.  Grade B

Jouvert and Pretty Mas

We had decided way in advance since all dem changes was going on in POS with restrictions in St Clair and Woodbrook that we would only play Jouvert  IF a band decided to head down in the West tuh avoid a gunta feeding frenzy.  And as good fortune would have it Red Antz was dat band.  Pay we money and get we credentials.  Gather down by d Base……paint, rum and music ready.  Niceness.  Was a little different but with at least 1000 people out dey and 5 civilized stormers, nothing beats feeling safe on a Jouvert morning.  Might be too good to be true to do 2 years in row but it was a good time.   Grade A

Monday and Tuesday with YUMA  bad Vibes.  There was 3 hours for costume pickup, which sadly enough I use to, but  the end of the line for me is when I have to take needle and thread to fix mas clothes.  They actually focked up a pair of focking pants……..pants stupes.   The females costumes were made of cheap material and poorly constructed.  The overwhelming presence of aggressive homosexual men.  The rest stop debacle on BOTH days.  So in summary, piss poor band management, substandard costumes and more bullamen than than Greenidge Village.  Give people what they pay for and if you are catering for a “special” demographic  let people know in advance so they can choose if they want to be part of that movement.  Good luck in 2013.  Grade D-

After Carnival Cool Down

Dwight Yorke Soca Beach Party @ Pigeon Point Beach.  This was d Saturday after Carnival in Tobago and I was going just because ah was across dey.  Not into the celebrity themed parties overall but it turned out much better than expected.  Location was top class and yuh could bring yuh cooler.  Music was on par and it was 1 of the best behaved crowds ah see for the season.  Live performances to speak of was Fya Empress/ Mr Fusion  and Double M minus that PYF shit.  Beenie Man made no sense from start to finish.  Looking forward to it next year.  was definitely 1 of the best parties for the Carnival Season.   Grade A


Carnival will always be sweet once you put yourself in position to attend the right fetes that show some level of consistency and respect for the patrons.  This is the 1st year I decided to put my foot down and keep put an “embargo” on any fetes over $650tt.   I believe in getting some kind of value for my money.  No I dont want the ultimate gunta experience, but I eh giving away meh money to white collar guntas either.  There are quality low cost events floating around, you just have to rest back and let them come to you instead of chasing and trying to keep up with the “Joneses”.  As for playing mas Monday and Tuesday, we will be looking for our 3rd band in 5 years.  When yuh cah stay in a stable relationship its often good to look in the mirror to reflect and evaluate yuhself……….but fock that….its not we is them.  Battered Masqueraders Syndrome or BMS is where the numerous bands beat you like a runaway slave year after year and by Carnival Tuesday night the alcohol and music has numbed the pain and the licks didnt seem so bad afterall.  As a matter of fact you think that you love the band more than life itself.  Forget all the hoops that you jumped thru to give the YOUR money.  Forget that you sign to be the best behaved masquerader ever but what do they promise you?  They promise you an “experience”.  An experience which comes with no MASQUERADERS BILL OF RIGHTS.  Something to think about.  After you spend a pound and a crown for a costume; why is it not that perfect prototype you saw at the launch some months back.  Last thing that irked the fock out of me in YUMA……they did those girls in the Apache backline wrong wrong wrong.  Allyuh really give them 2 feathers and expected them to pay more for a “real headpeiece”. Shameless.  And oh yeah when I had to go with the woman to get costume altered and pick up supplies to make it look presentable……..we did see females from other bands having to do the same thing…… additional supplies and pay a tailor for adjustments.  Biggup tuh d tailor on Arapita and French.  Finally, the Soca for C2K12 was the best I have experienced in a very long time.  It really carried the carnival vibes to a level that no shit band or should fete could stifle.


Unoccupy Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

9 12 2011

Take win 1%’ers. Allyuh have secured the realm. I always considered mehself ah working-class Carnival enthusiast because I eh come from money and didntmind putting out a few extra shillings for 2 things, Security and Good Music. Never needed to be in an all-inclusive fete or band because I could eat a proper plate ah food before ah go out and not overhyped “gourmet” cutters in afete……ah could patronize d street vendors and walk wit meh pouch full ah authentic Premium Scotch or Rum. All ah ever need and want is proper Security and competent disc Jockeys to play meh soca. But before I really start ranting like a madman I go say this. The beauty of life is the ability to make changes and have choices. And we from the Caribbean have been blessed with the opportunity to exercise that right although the Colonialistic mentality is still strong like unstrained babash.

I see it suppose to have ah all-inclusive LIME ting going on Carnival Wednesday at Hyatt and from what ah did hear it was around $1000tt – $1200tt last year. Now this year it running from $1200 – $1800tt. Maybe I should quote in US dollars…..$200US – $300US respectively. Now get this. That is General Admission and VIP. So I guessing the whole dynamics change in 11+ months. Allyuh loss allyuh focking marbles in a game a pitch.  Does ah room and 3 girls from Copa come wit dat?

The other set ah mad people is from meh bess fete come Thursday, Beach House. I hear ah rumor dat dey talking bout raising d price tuh $1000tt or $200US and supposedly is to make it more intimate or some shit so. IfI want intimacy i go lock myself up in a room wit meh woman. Oh people complaining bout it had too much people and dey had to wait on line for food and drinks. If allyuh dat hungry do like me and open d gates with the organizers and caters at d start time. I does even help dem bring d food in and set up dey stations. It takes a village and I have no problem lending a hand tuh another human being success.

Last but not least ah going tuh talk about meh bess band last year YUMA. Like allyuh under a SoE? Allyuh doh care bout foreign masqueraders? Maybe allyuh need tuh start quoting in pound sterling. Gone by d mascamp and no costumes on display. So dem foreign woman coming down on a little holidays cah get a little peak of what dey paying $600US+ for? Allyuh large. And what really going on with allyuh Facebook Wall. Was there a plot tuh spam it with Tribe costumes? From what I seeing is only the administrator allowed to post on the Wall. Is so allyuh treating people after 1 year. Young Upward blah blah blah.

Is really these 3 things i wanted tuh touch on and not go into the whole ranting and raving thing because like ah said earlier. We have choices. And sometimes we have to look at why society tun up. Last year I had tuh put meh foot down on meh jouvert band because it have no blance in cost for services being received. This year I was going tuh LIME Wednesday but how much can I really eat and drink in 8 hours tuh justify what ah paying? And worse yet dey live entertainers not up tuh par. I not going tuh d Beach House Thursday either if they shit on deyself and raise dat price. And YUMA doh tink I eh go scalp dat costume wit a profit tuh some bazodee sheep who wat tuh chase down some YUMA fowls.

I am appealing to mostly the FOREIGNERS who drop THOUSANDS of dollars every year to pay homage tuh d greatest Carnival in d World. I am appealing tuh d locals who have the means to attend these big shot fetes. Put allyuh foot down. Look at the world around you and the changes that taking place. Individuals are standing up to the 1% at every corner of the globe. Carnival imitates life. It is a fact to those of us who have a deeper understanding of life. I know its late and money is already invested for 2012. But exercise your right to get value for your money in 2012 and think long and hard about making more changes for 2013 (God Spare Life). Is time tuh stop d 1% from tiefing people head with their nonsense.  1%’ers respond at allyuh own risk.

Yuma Allyuh Make Good Company………….

14 06 2011

I is d most pessimistic and complaining of individuals.  Yuh name it and ah could find ah reason tuh complain bout it.  But for d 1st time in like 8 years I eh have nothing major to take up any kinna grievance with YUMA.  Yes it was pressure to get d females in we crew in dey section of choice but we did stick and not register dem from Day 1.  Reason being who knew the costumes made available to the public would disappear so rapidly.  But doh sleep on dem because it still had PLENTY costumes available to special private citizens but such is life right.  After many twists and turns the females get dey costumes organized and we den take wateva men costume was left over.  Funny thing bout the men costumes eh…………I eh never see man costume sell out so early in d game either.  Rewind a few months and ah was in Trinidad so we decide to check out d mas camp.  If yuh see woman in d mas camp.  It was a Sunday ah tink and d place was jam packed.  Sold Out signs was already being placed on certain sections.  And I eh no expert on beading and costume detail and all dat other nonesense allyuh woman does be tiefing each other head blabbing about……but dem woman costumes in d mas camp was looking bess.  d Scorpio 2 piece stood out d most to me………dat red was blazing but typical woman and she eh listen to me much to she regret after d fact.  But anyway ah had to sneak dat in dey.  Some little imps in dey ah ask fuh some literature to take with meh and he actig like a maccomere man bout dey eh have none.  But d young lady was able to find some fuh we less dan 2 minutes later.

Fuh d next few months ah reading d YUMA Facebook page just to get a feel of d kinna people who go be jumping with d band and oh yeah back in December ah hear ah rumor bout not crossing d stage.  D question being asked and dey answering like politicians.  Me eh digging no horrors.  My therapy after a band fock up is tuh blog dey cunt to death and spread it to every corner ah d world wide web.   Fast forward to collection week and d facebook page turn into a war zone.  I eh never see woman sharing so much threats before.   I laughing because some ah d women may have legit concerns as far as accountability for the product they pay for……….but some ah dem gal was getting on like rell baddiss.  All dis time me eh digging no horrors because everything is everything.  D 1st set ah collection run smooth fuh we people and so did the second.  Woman and dem get dey costumes with everything fitting and nothing falling off.  Some ah allyuh woman need to be practical about playing mas and costumes.  Some ah allyuh should just go play Jouvert and call it a day because expectations are unrealistic.  I eh excusing incompetency and unprofessional behavior  after paying big money, but some ah allyuh need some hard friggin clout.   D odder ting I realized was dat the cut throat business of Carnival does have people spreading false rumors……..especially on the net.

We clean from Jouvert and out on d road.  Ah go be honest with allyuh ah muss be getting old because ah cah remember much about Monday.  Ah end up losing d bad somewey down d Avenue and eh bother to try find dem back because it was already late in d evening.  Later on ah hear dey eh cross d stage but dat was small ting because as much as ah cah remember Monday dat mean meh head was real nice and everything else was running nice.  Get some good rest and we meet d band at 7:30a.m at d meeting point.  Dey sticking.  Work we way down Tragrete Road and tings looking up.  But ah still find dey sticking.  Music nice, drinks running and d place feeling safe like ah rum flask in Kamla purse.   Dais meh gal so I could say dat.  Costumes looking rell bess.  When we hit St.Vincent and Park and was heading down St. Vincent ah realize dat stage eh crossing early like dey planned.  But d street party in full swing and tings nice.  Even when d drink trucks went down d Promenade dey was still giving we drinks………dese are d tings yuh can appreciate after dealing with other bands who truck does turn on warp speed and disappear when is time to cross a stage.  So we cross downtown and it seem dat from dat point we was stuck in limbo for a very long time.  But when times are hard you always need a friend by yuh side.  Dat friend was 1919.  D drink truck never abandoned we.

Let me go of  fcourse a bit back to b practicality of dese woman costumes.  Now my woman like tuh throw waist till she pelvis and spine beg to stop.  And as much as she is 1 ah dem woman who meticulous when it comes to preparation and presentation of she costume and make up come Monday and Tuesday……….But she eh 1 ah dese Carnival Barbie.  Allyuh know wat ah talking bout.  Dem who does come out late wit dey screw face and eh letting no man within 3 feet of dey costume.  Dey have a built in buffer of protection.  Well d first time meh gal Velcro reinforced with shoe strings waist band malfunctioned we reinforced it and went back at we wotlessness.  But somewey down Frederick Street d woman pelt way to waistband.  Practicality is that beads/jewels and dem pallazzo pants  ah was wearing did not give a smooth gyration.  At d time she pelt away d belt ah had no left pocket.  Dats right d woman wine away meh left pocket.  She make meh proud by pelting way dat nuisance.

So we by d savannah entrance and d stage is just a few hundred feet away. More memory loss because ah cah remember how we reach dey.   Its been so long.  Ah remember back in d Poison days we would be camped out on Charlotte Street in d heat creeping up to d stage.  Yuh coulda go home take a small rest and come back in time to cross d stage.  Now d drink truck cannot come dis way and is juss a music truck escorting we.  As a veteran dis is d time yuh have to make sure yuh hydrated and ready tuh go.  But I dey and fraid to go get some liquids because ah crossing in d front and could miss it if ah blink too long.  D real Soca Monarch King on d truck sing bout YUMA fowl……….people anxious and pushing and shoving.  But ah still eh seeing d energy from years pass………ah feel is because ah was crossing in d 1st section.  Dis is why it was always cooler to be riding in d back ah d maxi dan d front.  It was a bit bewildering to be crossing to Advantage and Come Tuh Meh for the 2 minutes on d stage.  It seem like d moment went fast but was long at d same time.

Once we crossed we made a dash for CIC Grounds because we was hungry and thirsty.  D sun was going down and d place was now getting people.  To be honest some of d food was sour and some was good.  D food and drink people were very pleasant just like d rest of YUMA support staff.  I will speculate that they had been set up dey for a while and was expecting masqueraders much earlier.  Once it get dark d place was like a refugee camp.  YUMA allyuh sure dat was a mid size band?  It would have been a perfect ending if d afterparty was set up right in CIC Grounds.  It was dark and Carnival was over so we start heading fuh d vehicle.  Guess what?  D drink trucks parked outside and still giving drinks.

There were 8 of us playing with YUMA this year.  And none of the 8 were dissatisfied with the experience.  No dey was not perfect.  Ash Wednesday meh fren tell meh dat she fren say she pass thru YUMA and the females were “ghetto”.  I did not see 1 sign of “ghetto” in d band.  I did see a great mixture of people enjoying themselves.  As a person of the darker persuasion and knowing of the “isms” in T&T it was good to see a good representation of our country.  Maybe that person idea of “ghetto” is too dark. But anyway I think allyuh start off right.  Few adjustments here and there……..woooodoooop wadapppppppp………..allyuh will be the best and then there will be the rest.  Ah does always leave room for disappointment but allyuh did well dis year and ah hope tings only get better.

Ah have a little out of d box idea.  Since there were complaints dat d Piccadilly Street stage was not crossed I wonder if with PROPER SECURITY……….crossing that judging point would give faster access to crossing the Savannah Stage.  Food for thought.  And see if allyuh could organize some short pants with 2 sets ah pockets dat could close tight with velcro nah.  And some music and lights at d rest stop.  If things seem out of sort is because ah started writing this right after Carnival and now finishing since d tabanca 90% gone.  Spring Garden ah coming……………………………..

I Have Returned……Ah Must Come Back……Carnival Dun and It eh Even Start Yet

20 02 2011

No I eh talking bout d Stage coming back after 4 years. I eh talking bout Machel and Destra return after missing last year to make a baby and I still eh know what he was doing last Carnival dat he eh perform. I talking bout me Canboulay. Alluh must be wondering why no blogging. Well mankind have a life dat does get hectic and sometimes dis Carnival ting does get repetitive and blah. Well until yuh reach d starting point again…….or is it really the finish line.

As of yesterday all things are in order for the Greatest Show on Earth.  Fetes, Jouvert and Pretty Mas. What been on meh mind d past week or so is that I can already feel the anxiety of carnival Tuesday night when everything done. Allyuh know dat empty and disgusting feeling? The human brain is sumting else eh. I trying tuh figure out if is because Carnival run late dis year or if is some kinna mental illness. Well I feel is madness. Dis Carnival business is pure madness. Allyuh mad and I juss a little 1/2 mad because unlike allyuh I can evaluate my madness.  So I want allyuh tuh dig deep and think about dis cycle of madness dat we have been repeating for years to determine if its worth it.  For the Carnival rookies there is still hope.  Cancel allyuh flight and sell dat costume before it too late.  Can you deal with mourning for a Carnival that on paper not even in full swing yet?  Well I still mourning fuh d Carnival  miss and d 1 wey I was dey and eh play mas.  Well enough of dis mind focking mumbo jumbo.  Meh main point is dat put in 1000% percent effort into enjoying dis Carnival 2011.  Life short and the time flies.


Hear nah dis 2011 on paper has d potential tuh be 1 of d greatest in a very long time.  Allyuh see how much quality tunes dem woman and man give we fuh dis season.  If yuh doh have a clue den yuh forfeit yuh rights to participate in dis Carnival.  Ah cah remember d last time ah see so much good tunes from early in d season.  Besides looking forward to a few select fetes and Jouvert……….d stage is in front of us time tuh get advantageous……..Machel know how tuh capitalize and tief masqueraders heads eh.  D return of d stage should be the most anticipated moment for Carnival 2011.  Ah was hearing a rumor dat a new band calling demself YUMA have/had intentions of not crossing d stage to avoid wateva d fock dey trying tuh avoid.  Yuh doh run away from d stage.  Yuh run tuh d stage full speed ahead.  Yuh will set up base camp on Charlotte and Park Streets as long as it takes tuh cross dat friggin stage.  Ah know some ah allyuh remember hours in d hot sun den crossing in night dew.  Yuh never tort how sweet it be reminiscing on dat when yuh was vex as hell back den eh.  Any band who take God and common sense out of dey mind and decide tuh skip crossing d Savannah stage committing band suicide.  Speaking of band suicide Spice still have a band?  Never underestimate d power of d masqueraders.  Yuh could only shit on people but so much before dey start pelting it back in yuh face.  But I dun.


On a personal level I really looking forward tuh d start h my Carnival season.  Is like d start of a new year fuh me.  Endless memories with family and friends.  Freedom from d everyday grind.  Imagine all dem days wey yuh only job and responsibility is to get drunk and dance till yuh cah move.  But like meh pardna say as much as yuh drinking always know yuhself tuh be able tuh function in a safe and responsible manner.  There is a life after d madness calm down.  Oh shit ah forgt tuh tell allyuh about Jouvert (Foreday Morning) in Barbados last summer.  It was BESS.  Never enjoyed a monsoon before.  Ah have a few more tings on meh mind and might blog some more in d next few days.  Walk safe.

Jewels de Carnaval Section Launch Pictures for Notting Hill 2010 Carnival

10 05 2010

Jewels de Carnaval Section Launch for Notting Hill 2010 Carnival

28 04 2010

Get Ready to put Bumper to Fender


Jewels de Carnaval – Section Launch – OCEANIA

Monday 3rd May 2010 (BANK HOLIDAY)

4:00pm – 11:00pm (live models in costume presentation)

ACE Fusion Restaurant, 110 St. John’s Hill, Battersea, London, SW11 1SJ

£5.00 entry only / £10.00 entry and light refreshment & non alcoholic drink

Entertainment: Soca Prince-Martin Jay of Choice FM, Jazzie D, Dj Bliss & Remi D

Train: Clapham Junction / Buses: 639, 337, 156, 170, 39, 87, 670, 37, N87

Front Line & Regular options… and a special front line costume option for the daring among us!
Deposits and registrations will be accepted on launch night :: Secure payments can be made via Pay Pal on the website after the launch – (Deposit – £40 regular & male / £60 front line)

Check the site for more info…. (costume photos will be up after the launch)

We look forward to seeing you – Bank Holiday 3rd May to push it back and start to wine!

!!! PASS IT ON !!!

Contact Information
Main Email:
Phone: +44 (0) 7791 650284 (UK)

Cyah believe it’s Tribe Tribe Tribe Tribe…

15 03 2010

So yes allyuh I have returned to Tribe after a brief 2 year hiatus.  Making children does put a lil pause on things like mas and galavanting and drinkin…well…for some of us. Anyway, I was a little hesitant for a couple reasons. For one I have reluctantly tortured myself by viewing pictures and videos of Tribe during my missed years and the band seemed to have gotten monstrously large. Ah mean looking like a massive Poison mess! Where had my “no more than 3000 masqueraders” band gone? Surely that could not be them crossing that judging point camera for hours! Maybe the camera was just adding on weight to the band I convinced myself…surely that is not the Tribe I know! With that thought pushed to the back of my mind I proceeded preparing for registration.

Unlike allyuh men, I need a little more than an appropriate color board shorts and a wrist band. So, along with the rest of the fanatics I was poised for registration in July…my finger was on the mouse trigger ready to secure my costume that I had already chosen. Sad to say folks, as I logged on in those first moments of registration and it was reminiscent of 2004 when sections were sold out within SECONDS of the start of registration. So here we are with this so called TLC registration and my section of choice is sold out. I shook my head as I already knew of several people who had never even played with Tribe before, yet they were already registered and well comfortable in meh band. Big fat forkin steups. I have no problem with pre registration, and friends and family registration, and de registration of registration, but when yuh fillin up de band with a set of nevaseecomesees ahead of yuh loyal masqueraders I feel dat is shit! Anywho, as I believe in stickin to the evil that I know vs the unknown I went ahead and registered in one of my alternate sections. That and all was a next bachannal as the online payment system was not working. But if you know me you will know that something like a system glitch will not keep me away from my mas. I will not even get deep into all of that. There are places and people that getting deep into the nitty grity of every crevice of their experience. I sure allyuh bloggers familiar with them so I will spare you. I have meh mas secure…leh we fast forward what seemed like a million months as I waited….and waited….and waited…and waited…for carnival time to come.

So…the time reach, I reach Trinidad, and I organize to go retrieve meh mas. Up that forkin hill again to Cascadia we go, cash in hand. I went on a day that was not assigned to me so I expected a little wait. After we park and approach, we start to hear some soca…GREAT! There was a tent to get a number, a next tent where people were sitting and waiting to be called…a next tent where they were selling boots, little purses to match yuh mas, and handheld breathalyzers to help yuh predict how de breathalyzer traps would handle you. Good stuff! Stepped inside to the bar with my family and had a couple drinks…that was great. Ok…ummm…I still waiting. No scene…everything moving smoothly. Go inside, pay off balance, go to the next spot, pick up meh mas…check out the contents…NICE! Next step go get meh wrist band. The man asks me if this is my first year playing with Tribe. PAUSE! “uhmmmmm, thought we never got past TLC registration?” He smirk, then laugh, then mumble, then continue giving me directions. Steups…Was I laughing? Okay I was drinking…maybe I was…lol. Moving right along…lol. I have meh things…everything looked as pictured…I ready…gone now…wait…is that Anya Yeongchoungsuckprick? I thought she was an IPer…nah…cyah be she…leh we go allyuh….oh…we can’t go yet. We need Tribe Ignite TLC tickets…these tickets have been coming since Jesus was a little boy. Tell me why de ass I have to wait for TLC tickets…sell me de forkin tickets yuh have for de tlc price and let me go meh way nah!  I have done all kinda thing and the tickets ent reach yet. Steups. Have a next drink…that makes all things better! As I start to see the bottom of the drink the tickets reach…we get what we have to get and we gone. All’s well that ends well.

Carnival Monday, reach the band by the Savannah…hit the drinks truck on some side road…think they were waiting for me. Go meet the band…they are about to cross….oh fork…they really playing Palance? Grrrrrrrr I am already irritated with the brainwash push of this song. I do a half hearted Palance across the judging road area and eagerly await that song to turn off. I was very excited that they only played this song at judging points and not constantly on the road.  The crowd was manageable on Monday. I had no problem getting drinks. The first truck seemed to have the best music but the journey to the damn wee wee truck was a mission…especially when yuh get a next drink when yuh come out…before yuh make it to the front it’s time to go to the back again…what a pain in de ass!  I think we ended kinda early on Monday. Or it could be the carnival jumbie in me that didn’t want it to end! L Needless to say I had quite a bit of time to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for Tuesday.

Tuesday morning was the earliest I have EVER met the band. Must have been all that sleep! Everybody looked nice…okay ah lying…plenty people did not look nice atall. If I thought my belly was dragging on de ground, some ah dem belly was cleaning up behind the band…omg.  Anyway…what stunned me was the amount of FRONLTINE or INDIVIDUAL MALES. Wha de fork…I never know is so much man wanted to wear all dat gosh! I could not believe my eyes. WOW! We go have to dedicate a next session to discuss that. I am still a bit disturbed.  Anyway, luckily there was some nice eye candy working their way through the band too. Mmmm…good job fellas…de gym and I thank you. I had to actually whip out the old camera a couple times…sometimes I had to tell dey woman get in de damn picture too because some of allyuh woman does cut yuh eye like if I gonna stop playin mas to take yuh man home with me. Hello! Get a grip dahlins…I have my own I just doh walk him on a leash carnival time! I really wonder about some of allyuh sometime. SMFH

Anyway…I would now like to present the jokiest male costume award to….drumroll please…well, there’s a tie. This award will have to go to Habotai male with Rajastan male coming in a close second. Who idea was it to put these men in hot pink and black for a carnival Tueday? Who?!?!? Black is wicked enough in that hot sun…but then pink? And they change the prototype to boot? So the men went from a plain black pants, to a pink, grey and black pants? Oh gosh…meh belly! And that Doti only option for rajastan? OMG I think I have said enough. Allyuh men need to stand up for your rights! Dat is rhell shit!!!! Somebody tell me only real men does wear pink…bullshit. Dat was de dotish line she must be tell she man to convince him dat foolishness was a good idea! LMAO Oh gosh. I still laughing over them 2 male sections all now. Oui!

Anyway, all in all I had a time. If allyuh lookin fuh play by play, chip by chip wine by wine…uhm…go book a forkin ticket. I look like I memorizing thing for your benefit or wha? I have one gripe though. I vex allyuh run out of water Tuesday night. Wha is dat one? WASA providing de bottled water too or what? Fix up Tribe. I never know allyuh to run out of anything so I will take this as a slight glitch in de system. Yuh eh run out of meh 1919 so we still cool. Fix dat water thing fuh next year though please and thanks. De afterparty vibe was cool. Meh fadda ask me how much good time I could have…I tell him as much as I pay for! Thanks for de lil cooldown session. It’s a shame that the asses I spoke about in my previous post had to carry on disorderly outside the thing and spoil it though. I hope that does not discourage you from continuing this for next year.

Overall I will give Tribe a B+. Allyuh need to shrink that band! Lickerishness does run yuh belly…recognize that from now and prevent yuh bottom from burning you later! Sweet Ting say so! Bless!