I Have Returned……Ah Must Come Back……Carnival Dun and It eh Even Start Yet

20 02 2011

No I eh talking bout d Stage coming back after 4 years. I eh talking bout Machel and Destra return after missing last year to make a baby and I still eh know what he was doing last Carnival dat he eh perform. I talking bout me Canboulay. Alluh must be wondering why no blogging. Well mankind have a life dat does get hectic and sometimes dis Carnival ting does get repetitive and blah. Well until yuh reach d starting point again…….or is it really the finish line.

As of yesterday all things are in order for the Greatest Show on Earth.  Fetes, Jouvert and Pretty Mas. What been on meh mind d past week or so is that I can already feel the anxiety of carnival Tuesday night when everything done. Allyuh know dat empty and disgusting feeling? The human brain is sumting else eh. I trying tuh figure out if is because Carnival run late dis year or if is some kinna mental illness. Well I feel is madness. Dis Carnival business is pure madness. Allyuh mad and I juss a little 1/2 mad because unlike allyuh I can evaluate my madness.  So I want allyuh tuh dig deep and think about dis cycle of madness dat we have been repeating for years to determine if its worth it.  For the Carnival rookies there is still hope.  Cancel allyuh flight and sell dat costume before it too late.  Can you deal with mourning for a Carnival that on paper not even in full swing yet?  Well I still mourning fuh d Carnival  miss and d 1 wey I was dey and eh play mas.  Well enough of dis mind focking mumbo jumbo.  Meh main point is dat put in 1000% percent effort into enjoying dis Carnival 2011.  Life short and the time flies.


Hear nah dis 2011 on paper has d potential tuh be 1 of d greatest in a very long time.  Allyuh see how much quality tunes dem woman and man give we fuh dis season.  If yuh doh have a clue den yuh forfeit yuh rights to participate in dis Carnival.  Ah cah remember d last time ah see so much good tunes from early in d season.  Besides looking forward to a few select fetes and Jouvert……….d stage is in front of us time tuh get advantageous……..Machel know how tuh capitalize and tief masqueraders heads eh.  D return of d stage should be the most anticipated moment for Carnival 2011.  Ah was hearing a rumor dat a new band calling demself YUMA have/had intentions of not crossing d stage to avoid wateva d fock dey trying tuh avoid.  Yuh doh run away from d stage.  Yuh run tuh d stage full speed ahead.  Yuh will set up base camp on Charlotte and Park Streets as long as it takes tuh cross dat friggin stage.  Ah know some ah allyuh remember hours in d hot sun den crossing in night dew.  Yuh never tort how sweet it be reminiscing on dat when yuh was vex as hell back den eh.  Any band who take God and common sense out of dey mind and decide tuh skip crossing d Savannah stage committing band suicide.  Speaking of band suicide Spice still have a band?  Never underestimate d power of d masqueraders.  Yuh could only shit on people but so much before dey start pelting it back in yuh face.  But I dun.


On a personal level I really looking forward tuh d start h my Carnival season.  Is like d start of a new year fuh me.  Endless memories with family and friends.  Freedom from d everyday grind.  Imagine all dem days wey yuh only job and responsibility is to get drunk and dance till yuh cah move.  But like meh pardna say as much as yuh drinking always know yuhself tuh be able tuh function in a safe and responsible manner.  There is a life after d madness calm down.  Oh shit ah forgt tuh tell allyuh about Jouvert (Foreday Morning) in Barbados last summer.  It was BESS.  Never enjoyed a monsoon before.  Ah have a few more tings on meh mind and might blog some more in d next few days.  Walk safe.