Reddy Reddy Reddy……Reddy Like Freddy Tuh See Fetes Buss

20 01 2009

Greeting Carnival Jumbies. We back. D excitement of C2K9 just havent been bubbling. This might be the worse year as far as anticipation I have ever experienced. D only good ting is that we been getting some quality music.  Allyuh hear Meet Super Blue Yet?  Wat bout KMC Ahm Not Drunk and Yeast?  Bunji say “Dance must have plenty gal…….no Post Office not atall”.   Ok enuff ah da, lmmeh get straight and tuh d point. The stakeholders involved in T&T Carnival are too focking greedy and dey will take a huge hit for 2009. D big talk few months back was dat T&T recession proof……guess what…….its called a Global Financial Crisis. Uncle Patos say “tighten d belt” on spending.  Carnival this year will be very different from the past few years. i predict fetes will bust, mas bands will see a huge decline in profits and hotels will also see a huge decline in profits. Yuh asking why, alyuh should already know why……tings rell bad right now and people pockets bawling. Yuh would think its common sense right. Well not in d land of fete. Certain greedy promoters charging more than dey did last year and it even have 1 bold enough tuh b holding d of d same type themed ultra super all-inclusive. Mark meh words……d arrogance and greed of dese business people will be their demise this carnival season. We have been bawling fuh years that carnival is so expensive. well this might be d year we see these business people get a bitter taste in dey mout when dey business interests flop. Bill Cosby does say “d proof is in d pudding, well here are a few newspaper articles which reinforces the “vibe” or lack of…….that us masqueraders have been feeling in the past few months.   


1)  Mas Bands:  Although many bands will not publicly admit dat business bad, common sense will tell us differently.   here are 2 recent articles where in 1 case bands are being FORCED to downsize and another case in South Trinidad another band is offering buy 2 get 1 free on costumes.

2)  Hotel Accommodations:  “The Ritz-Carlton which is a world class hotel in Paris is cheaper than the Hyatt-Regency in POS”.   “Why drop rates “to accommodate foreigners”? What about people like me who live out of town and will like to stay at a hotel in Port of Spain but can’t afford the exorbitant carnival rates. Perhaps hoteliers and rooming-house operators will now quote their rates to we “poor” Trinbagonians in TT dollars, instead of the usual US we are forced to calculate/convert. Perhaps with the drop in rates we locals would now be able to sample good Trini hospitality”.  These are a few quotes I took from the Express where people are just disgusted with the cost of accommodations for Carnival and Hotel owners are upset because d Tourism Minister recommended that dey lower dey rates tuh pull in more business.  But greed will prevail and cost dem hotel owners money.  Yuh could badtalk America all yuh want, but dis is d land of deals.  Business people up here know how tuh provide incentives for customers and how tuh keep dem too.  Not in land of piss poor customer service and dig-out yuh eyeballs prices.  
Well we go see how tings go.  D whole world in a mess right now but everybody need tuh have dey priorities in order. Trinbagonians need tuh understand that nobody is immune from this worldwide economic disaster.  D ting dat relly have me vex is d arrogance and greed of dese promoters, band and hotel owners.  But dey go get a rude awaking.  And hopefully it go be a lesson fuh dem in d long haul so dat when if d world economy recover……………we will start back getting value fuh we money and at a reasonable price………is but so much juice yuh could take from a orange b4 it totally dry.

C2K9 is Tuh Wine Fuh Yuh Life

7 01 2009

We eh retire or dun yet. D vibes juss been rell dead past few months. Look out fuh “Ready Ready Ready……Ready Like Freddy” and “Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine…….We Like It”. Allyuh know is not Carnival till d Boss aka Iwer George say so. And d Boss have spoken. Stay tuned. it orn like boil corn.