Playing Ketch-Up: Point Fortin Borough Day and Washington DC Carnival

15 07 2009

It has been a while for a few reasons. Mostly laziness. eh going to rant bout meh disgust with shady promoters and dotish patrons. Ok ah lie maybe a little bit b4 ah start talking bout d blog title. Imagine promoters have d balls dese days to advertise parties at 1 location and den at d 11th hour change it to a death hole in d wall. Dis happen a few weeks ago in Brooklyn for a concert in which red flags shoulda go up when dey didnt advertise d time of d event. When time come is because d time listed from late afternoon to early morning. Sunday evening dat is…… dey eh know people have work.

D next ting was dis much sought after DV8 in DC. Last year ah had a time at Taboo. So apparently d promoters join forces and like dey only use 1/2 ah brain tuh plan d event. From d time I see “secret location” and d jumping thru hoops wit email and reservation I dun realize I wasnt going dat. Imagine dese clowns deciding who email dey responding to and who getting ticket. Wat a joke. Shuttle service……wat a joke. Long story short this elite even endup worse dan a passa passa on d Beetham. Yuh wah know how ah know it was rell bad. When an optimistic fella like Midnight Robber say it was horrible…….den it was horrible. Shame shame shame…….allyuh should be shame. Promoters and Patrons. Patrons stop encouraging dem promoters to rob allyuh. So lewwe start.

Cover Me and I Will Cover You

Ah was never a fan of Chocolate City because during d regular Carnival season they seem to attract all the foreigners.  Seems kinna dotish but living in foreign I prefer to see fresh faces……..fresh faces just help with meh mental vacation.  But fuh Borough Day they were the best option.  Kudos to them.  We end up getting a group discount and d price wasnt too bad.  Doh ask meh how much cuz ah didnt make d arrangement and cah remember.  If ah was tuh guess ah would say between $250-$300tt.  We get cup, jersey and chits.  Unlike last year we leave up North a bit earlier and reach down Point arrung 2am.  We get d same park like last year and made we way into d heart ah d bachannal.  Tings was a bit tame compared to last year.  What was not tame but rell disturbing was d 2 blocks wey ah bunch of yutes was gathered and hardcore reggae was pumping.  It was like a scene outta a movie……d yutes in a trance and violent lyrics just flinging bout d place.  We decided against staying dey since there was a cast of known local “gangsters” and the wanabees lurking arrung.  Yuh could feel d tension in d air and d place was just waiting tuh explode.

We made we way to the rendezvous point fuh d band.  Dey had d music truck pumping and food/drinks in a open lot.  Tings was looking nice so far.  Eventually d truck started moving and we hit d road.  Dey had plastic bottles full wit chocolate and as d music and drinks was pouring so was d liquid chocolate.  Everything ran smoothly in the band.  Stormers were almost non-existent and the music and drinks flowed without incident.  The route they took we didn’t run into any other band so this mean uninterrupted movement.  Ah actually have nuttin tuh complain about.  Ah even drink hard wine.

Did I mention we had intentions of staying til Sunday morning and had no place to sleep.  For weeks we was trying to find a place but apparently finding hotel in Point is a task.  And people want 2 days rental when we only needed 1.   Well we end up meeting meh pardna sister who had rented s house wit a few ah she friends.  Oh, she didn’t play in we band and she crew ran into some issues.  1 ah d fellas wit she end up in an altercation and he head end up wit stitches.  And d band was shit………she words not mine.  Ever sleep on concrete.  Well actually I had packed a sleeping bag and pillow in d car.  But d concrete was still hard.  But all we needed was a few hours and shelter so beggars cah be choosers.  We rest.  When we get up d consensus was dat things was looking too dangerous to even bother staying d night.  Compared to last year the police presence was zero.  We eh see no kinna police out dey.  I guess dey was on vacation from d summit or running from d swine flu all d foreigners was bringing eeeen.  So we headed back up North and we go see Point again next year.  Yeah, it was worth d trip and d local crew say dey wah do it AGAIN.  Hopefully better security is added and more fete options also.

DC is Mud……Yeah Mud Antz

Good news first.  Dey only play Antz Antz Antz 1x and dat was near d end.  Bad news…….$40 and still no t-shirt.  Bad news……..dat mad from d back ah dat truck is still a dotish idea.  Not only is it dangerous….but some of dem fellas giving out d mud are perverts.  Good news…..dey only play Antz Antz Antz 1x.  Well we parked down by Howard U and walked up to meet d band.  It was a long walk but at least yuh get to see d characters.  As we reach Missouri and Georgia we pay d fee and d truck start rolling.  Music running nice.  Everybody behaving demself.  Niceness.  But too many stormers.   It so bad yuh cah even move in comfort.  Ah notice a few of the staff trying to get d stormers out but no success.  And of course like last year there are morons in the crowd.  Morons in wheelchairs in d crowd, morons walking with pitbulls and worst of all morons with babies in d crowd.  There are sick and dotish people in this world who need to be dealt with by law enforcement.  Plain and simple.  By d time we reach back by Howard U d crowd was much thicker dan last year and trouble does always brew in large uncontrolled crowd.  We made a dash to d car and straight back to d hotel.  It was a good time but more control is needed between the ropes.  That mud distribution needs to be fixed too and ah want at least a jersey fuh $40.  Come nah man.


**Cropover eh Over…..It now Start**