Unoccupy Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

9 12 2011

Take win 1%’ers. Allyuh have secured the realm. I always considered mehself ah working-class Carnival enthusiast because I eh come from money and didntmind putting out a few extra shillings for 2 things, Security and Good Music. Never needed to be in an all-inclusive fete or band because I could eat a proper plate ah food before ah go out and not overhyped “gourmet” cutters in afete……ah could patronize d street vendors and walk wit meh pouch full ah authentic Premium Scotch or Rum. All ah ever need and want is proper Security and competent disc Jockeys to play meh soca. But before I really start ranting like a madman I go say this. The beauty of life is the ability to make changes and have choices. And we from the Caribbean have been blessed with the opportunity to exercise that right although the Colonialistic mentality is still strong like unstrained babash.

I see it suppose to have ah all-inclusive LIME ting going on Carnival Wednesday at Hyatt and from what ah did hear it was around $1000tt – $1200tt last year. Now this year it running from $1200 – $1800tt. Maybe I should quote in US dollars…..$200US – $300US respectively. Now get this. That is General Admission and VIP. So I guessing the whole dynamics change in 11+ months. Allyuh loss allyuh focking marbles in a game a pitch. ¬†Does ah room and 3 girls from Copa come wit dat?

The other set ah mad people is from meh bess fete come Thursday, Beach House. I hear ah rumor dat dey talking bout raising d price tuh $1000tt or $200US and supposedly is to make it more intimate or some shit so. IfI want intimacy i go lock myself up in a room wit meh woman. Oh people complaining bout it had too much people and dey had to wait on line for food and drinks. If allyuh dat hungry do like me and open d gates with the organizers and caters at d start time. I does even help dem bring d food in and set up dey stations. It takes a village and I have no problem lending a hand tuh another human being success.

Last but not least ah going tuh talk about meh bess band last year YUMA. Like allyuh under a SoE? Allyuh doh care bout foreign masqueraders? Maybe allyuh need tuh start quoting in pound sterling. Gone by d mascamp and no costumes on display. So dem foreign woman coming down on a little holidays cah get a little peak of what dey paying $600US+ for? Allyuh large. And what really going on with allyuh Facebook Wall. Was there a plot tuh spam it with Tribe costumes? From what I seeing is only the administrator allowed to post on the Wall. Is so allyuh treating people after 1 year. Young Upward blah blah blah.

Is really these 3 things i wanted tuh touch on and not go into the whole ranting and raving thing because like ah said earlier. We have choices. And sometimes we have to look at why society tun up. Last year I had tuh put meh foot down on meh jouvert band because it have no blance in cost for services being received. This year I was going tuh LIME Wednesday but how much can I really eat and drink in 8 hours tuh justify what ah paying? And worse yet dey live entertainers not up tuh par. I not going tuh d Beach House Thursday either if they shit on deyself and raise dat price. And YUMA doh tink I eh go scalp dat costume wit a profit tuh some bazodee sheep who wat tuh chase down some YUMA fowls.

I am appealing to mostly the FOREIGNERS who drop THOUSANDS of dollars every year to pay homage tuh d greatest Carnival in d World. I am appealing tuh d locals who have the means to attend these big shot fetes. Put allyuh foot down. Look at the world around you and the changes that taking place. Individuals are standing up to the 1% at every corner of the globe. Carnival imitates life. It is a fact to those of us who have a deeper understanding of life. I know its late and money is already invested for 2012. But exercise your right to get value for your money in 2012 and think long and hard about making more changes for 2013 (God Spare Life). Is time tuh stop d 1% from tiefing people head with their nonsense. ¬†1%’ers respond at allyuh own risk.