VIP or General Population

12 01 2008


We aching…..we in pain.  We cah wait to reach T&T Carnival.  In d meantime we listening to radio and getting weself ready for d bachannal.  Midnight Robber and I was listening 96.7 Red FM and dey was talking bout d VIP section in fetes dat have become so popular.  When people hear VIP d first ting dat comes to mind is dat VIP is fuh dem “stush”  people who feel dey better dan everybody else.  But the Wining Kriminals are here to tell allyuh it aint always so.  Doh tink fuh a second dat we saying people should pay big money go in VIP in every fete…….but certain fetes it is very necessary.  MidNight Robber and I both agree dat d only VIP dat was worth it for both of us was 10-10 in Barbados……….everywhere else it was juss a necessary evil in order to be safe and have an enjoyable experience.  We touched on the carnage and destruction in  d fete post………but this topic is a lil bit more focused.   

With so many All-Inclusives, you will find VIP’s in some of your basic fetes.  This is the only place in these fetes you will find “chairs”…why people want to sit dung during carnival season is beyond me but I digress.

 VIP is handled differently from fete to fete…or event to event. 

At the Soca Monarch Finals in Hasley Crawford Stadium…VIP is a mile away from the stage with a big camera and boom blocking your view. But that being said, these are good seats for witnessing all the fights and robberies on the field though.  So if yuh prefer to macco bacchanal, then VIP is the place for you. Otherwise, you cant “feel” the performances being so far away.  There are seats “next” to VIP that are just as effective.

Insomnia VIP – Free juice and water and the feeling you are important.  General Admission is the place to be at Insomnia.

Alternative Concept… VIP is the way to go. For your own safety of course.  Meh crew split in 2 fuh dis fete.  Four ah dem went General and 2 went VIP.  D General crew say everytime dey  turn arrung was a fight.  It reach to d point wey d 1 gal who was rolling wit we decide to go watch d show from up in d stands… was dat wild.  When yuh enter d stadium and yuh look at dem people in General like cattle ready to break loose…..pressure.  VIP had rell space doh, but not enuff drink chits fuh d money yuh spend.  D most violence ah see in VIP was a fellas behaving like dey have a Jumbie in dem and jammin woman on top ah chair and ting……..normal scenes.

Girl Power…if you want access to a chair…otherwise..the crowd in and out of VIP is the same.

I know we talking about Trini these days but It would behoove us not to mention 10-10 during Cropover season in Barbados.  These people have the right concept for VIP.  First…General Admission is held behind a 12 foot wire fence like caged animals.  When you see the general admission at the front of the gate, Its reminiscent of people trying to escape a deadly virus screaming let me in.  VIP gets the entire front stage.. Drinks included (although the bar does buss often).  General admission has screens set up for viewing but once again, being so far from the performance you can’t feel the energy from the stage.  VIP is the way to go here.   Our bottomline is in order to be safe and have a good time at certain fetes, yuh might as well splurge fuh d VIP ticket.


After we posted ah remember hearing some callers on 91.9 FM who wasnt happy atall wit d recent Temperature concert………so ah juss decide to do a little research to see if anyting was written.  Check out this article and pay close attention to the complaints of the patrons, VIP can easily be a rip-off also.  So tread lightly and doh let d hype blow allyuh minds.




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13 01 2008

Steups, like general admin AND VIP in Temperature buss. My friends decided to go to gen admin against my better judgment where we experienced what you guys mentioned there about the chain link fence and cattle. Yeah. Not impressed. This is after they hire TSA to search socks and sneakers by the entrance. This is after they heard us IN like cattle. Again, not.impressed. Oh and they take meh comb by the door like i was going and use the plastic comb as a shank or something steups.

13 01 2008

Vip can be both good and bad. The last good VIP I went was AC3, it was the same concept as 10-10. VIP had the whole front, unlimited PREMIUM drinks and food(haagen-daaz, richards bake and shark, doubles, bbq iwings, ect). Insomnia VIP was crap in 2006 just like what u said. I didnt make it last year but I heard AC4 and 5 I heard was not like expected, and instead of the whole front VIP has a small side or something so. And just like you say they want to limit Vip consumption with chits and all kinda nonsense. Alot of them Vip ting is just a concept to make people feel Best an take they money. And now they have VVIP, steupssss.

13 01 2008

I have to differ li’l bit with (??????) article. I was in VIP and while I agree with the problems experienced with the bar (crowded; less-than-premium drinks; chit system – chits weren’t necessary for beers and soft drinks though), and the food (long lines that never shortened and food ran out early o’clock), the VIP area was very roomy and not “packed to capacity” like he described. It was also situated directly in front of the stage and to the side/back of the stage which was great, and those of us who chose to visit the bar etc during Sean Paul’s performance could still see the performance from the big screens.
I think that VIP was definitely worth it in spite of the problems, and for the record there were 10 toilets for the FEMALES, not the whole of VIP.

13 01 2008

Tanks fuh letting us in on yuh recent experience Mystique…..your account seems to be very consistent with wat I heard and read online. Its important for folks to voice there displeasure and start holding dese promoters and Soca artists (if its there show) accountable.

Best Cook, it is best described as te good, the bad and the ugly. Yea VVIP, dey wah suck people pocket dry wit dey greed. But guess wat, folks gonna start leaving out Trini Carnival and explore their options elsewhere. Its like the U.S. Real Estate Market, D bubble bound to buss sooner or later.

RAH, im a bit confused. Which event are you describing and who is that individual’s name that you called?

15 01 2008

VIP is for the following Carnival events:-
. Army fete – yuh in front d stage, general about 12 ft. away from d stage, food and rinks flowing like water (NOT WASA water eh…spring water LOL)
. Coast Guard – see Army fete, but this has the addition of having a Birds’ eye view, cause there’s an elevated area for VIP
. Licensing fete, Flour fete, WASA fete, Fire fete… see where i’m going here
. AC* – is Machel on dat stage. If yuh not gonna be moving in d crowd when Machel say move left, then yuh better either b in d back near d exits or in VIP!

Generally my take on it, is if yuh want to go d fete, but doh want to be in d midst of d madness then buy d VIP ticket… i doh usually expect too much in the way of special treatment though, especially if d VIP ticket not too much more expensive than d general tckt.

16 01 2008

I was referring to the Trinidad Express article that you linked in your post. The one about Temperature.

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