Top 25 RubDown Hits for T&T C2K8

4 01 2008


Everybody have dey own taste in everyting and everybody feel a certain way bout dey music.  So we goin and give allyuh we picks from the tunes that have been released so far……….dis was difficult because we had to leave a few tunes out………but as time progresses and new tunes drop we will attempt to update the chart.  We like dese tunes because they not only make yuh wah jam somebody, but dey also can be understood and embraced by the average person because of the message being sent………it may be a joke or someting serious.  These tunes are GUARANTEED to be hits for C2K8.  The order in which dey appear doh mean ah damn ting………nobody eh more special dan d odder.  Doh tink all dey hits already drop….expect more within the next few days.  Click on he links and you we will re-directed to either or

1)  Breathless– Blaxx
2)  Right Dey – KES the Band

3)  Jamishness-Machel Montano

4)  Wine Like Dem – Benjai

5)  Road Call-Faye-Ann Lyons
6)   Bamcee-ology – JW and Blaze

7)  Pele Pele Pa – Fireball

8.)  No More-Shurwayne Winchester

9)  Help –  Bunji Garlin

10) Mr DJ – Augusta

11) Whole Day – Shurwaine Winchester and Johnny King

12) Doh Waste Yuh Wine (Remix) – Crazy

13) Dat Will Do – Militant

14) Unconditional – Machel Montano

15) Never Leave Ya – Kerwin DuBois

16) Take You To The Bar – Third Bass ft 3 Suns

17) Bumper (Headlights)Pelf

18) Famous – Bunji Garlin

19) Waistline – Blazer

20) Carnival Please Stay-Shurwayne Winchester

21) Phone Card – Crazy

22) Roboman-Eclectik

23) My Posse – Nadia Batson

24) Gyal Farm – Kerwin Du Bois & Shall Marshall

25) Seduction – Gary Cordner




10 responses

5 01 2008

Machel’s Make Love should be on the list too…

5 01 2008
Worst year ever - IslandMix

[…] So all dese tunes here is crap? Top 25 RubDown Hits for T&T C2K8 Wining Kriminals […]

5 01 2008

I think Shurwaine in de lead right now fah 08 Carnival hits. I feelin Road Jam too! Machel’s releases so far have been mediocre compared 2 las year. Even tho I like Jamishness & Make Love, I eh heard nutin on de level of Jumbie, Down D Road, or Higher Than High. Hopefully, dey holdin back de heat for later on dis month. We gon see!

7 01 2008

some great songs on that list…
we’ll see what happens for Road March

7 01 2008
Piff Huxtable

ZAN…Down the Road…

Nuff Said

7 01 2008

eh..whappen to Patrice new song Mo Wuk!

8 01 2008

I love me “Blazin’ de Trail” by Machel…you’re right, maybe top 30 next time, lol, cuz some tunes missin for sure! 🙂

16 01 2008

I know is allyuh three cents…Fay-Ann Lyons – “Road Call” seems to be producing chemical reactions for me…BWAHAHAHAH…
i hadda watch mehself

16 01 2008

that should have been LIST!!

16 01 2008

We gonna update sooooooooon…..right now we RELL Breathless………RELL tunes to add

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