Which Kadooment Day Band Tuh Wuk-Up Wit

12 07 2008


When in Bimshire do like d Bajans.  Dem does wuk-up so yuh go have to wuk-up too.  It only sound painful……..but truss meh is quite enjoyable on so many levels.  According to d online bajan dictionary a wuk-up is a dance done by gyrating one’s waistline, with heavy emphasis on backward and forward motions.  Now dese people are VERY passionate bout dey style are dancing so it is important to put yuh best foot forward when attempting dis dance.  But fellas be very careful when wukkin-up behind certain women.  It can be a very violent and dangerous dance all d same.  Nah I eh talking bout no man looking yuh brace yuh fuh jamming on dey woman……………some ah dem woman waist does be moving like a outta control windmill at times………so unless yuh want to be an extra in d NUTCRACKER come xmas time……..tread likely if yuh know wat ah mean.  Imagine dis……we in a fete and ah ting wah give my breddren who will remain nameless a wuk-up.  But d gal was flinging waist like like a jackhammer breaking concrete.  Needless to say he declined for the safety and preservation of his privates.  But doh be scared fellas if performed correctly…….ah wuk-up could be d sweetest ting next to a bottle ah Johnny Gold.  Well odder dan dat and doh fuhget allyuh rum pouches and there is a link for all the bands below.  The major bands are Baje International and PX4, dey are like d Island People and Tribe of Barbados.  Dey both also have strong affiliations wit T&T mas people.  This is meh second voyage to Bim and it will be meh second jump wit Baje.  First time was sweet so ah going back for more.  I have read good things about some of the other bands but for my age group and other personal preferences  Baje suits me for those reasons.  Last year music was good, vibes was excellent and food was great.  Now allyuh might be wondering why I eh talk bout alcohol.  Well dat was my only issue last year.  I is a scotch drinker……but dey didnt have my kinna scotch.  ONLY rum…….yes folks.  You will be drinking plenty Bajan rum.  I still eh pleased bout dat since ah paying premium price fuh 1 day ah mas ah would expect premium drinks.  But ah go give dem a bly fuh having evryting else in order.  And maybe dis year ting might b different……we go see.  Anyhow, dais it inna nutshell.  Actually its not.  Rell quick.  Yuh doesc meet by d stadium in d morning…….cross d stage……….den wuk-up till yuh reach Spring Garden…………..is only pace.  Keep an open mind and fuh dose who does frequent T&T Carnival………….clear yuh mind and think new experience.  Allyuh go like allyuh self.  Below is a link to Kadooment.com with links to every band in Barbados.




Where To Stay In Bimshire for Cropover

29 06 2008

Maybe ah shoulda tell allyuh dis like 2 months ago but better late dan never.  Fist ting to understand is dat Barbados is divided into parishes.  The parish that you ideally want to stay in is called Christ Church, this is in the Southern part of Barbados.  Now within Christ Church the jumping area is called St. Lawrence Gap.  Picture a stretch of road containing numerous restaurants and beach side hotels and condos.  At one end of The Gap you will find Dover and at the other end Maxwell.  Other nearby areas to stay are Worthing and Rockley.  Last year we stayed in  Dover and as far as I remember no taxi ride cost us more than $30 bajan dollars.  So these areas are very centrally located in order to get to fetes and d stadium for Kadooment Day.  The other good thing bout dese locations is dat you can walk to d beach and to buy food.

  I strongly recommend dat u book at least 6 months in advance…….oops dat was 4 months ago.  But if you search hard it not too late to find accommodations.  There is something for everybody budget……but remember wat yuh pay for is wat yuh go get.


Here are a few links that u might find useful:










Caaaaaaah Wait Till Kadooment Day

8 06 2008



Last Year was meh virgin voyage into Bimshire.  It took a lot of planning and research for places to stay, fetes to attend and which band to play mas with.  We were 3 deep for this trip and b4 we were finished feting d first night we all agreed that we would be back for another year.  Well we  reach yet and we are feigning to touch down again and we 4 deep dis time.  Unfortunately we cannot commit for a 3rd year because we not too happy with the rising cost to attend this Carnival.  So after Kadooment Day we going to see how we feel bout tings and make as decision fuh next year.  Next few posts I go be focusing on the important components of Cropover.   Why did I choose to go to Barbados as opposed to the other Islands that have a Summer Carnival.  Well since the Bajan Invasion of Trinidad during the mid 90’s I have been a huge fan of their Soca music.  So my initial attraction to this island started with the music and have branched off into other components of their culture.