We come out to wine…dey come out to stab

23 02 2010

Alright…so…carnival is over and the tabanka is setting in and of course there is plenty to discuss. Of course we must speak on the music and the fetes and the road. But I am not starting there. People want to talk about costume and who eh get in dey section and who pull dey feathers and whole set ah caca. For my beginning I want to discuss the end and address some of allyuh fellas that seem to have NO FORKIN BEHAVIOR!!!!!!

Now…I was on the road Monday and Tuesday and witnessed, as usual, an abundance of beautiful women on de road barely dressed. Lawd they could give people a complex! Anywho, as usual the man to woman ratio is ridiculous! Plenty men have gotten a clue and have started to play mas to take part on de endless buffet of bam bam rolling. However, it seems like some ass clowns still cyah take a forkin hint and instead of drinkin and jamming a woman they looking to come out and cause problems fuh people! Tell me why it’s Tuesday night, I wining low, jamming on my man in de road afterparty…head feeling nice…DJ’s only saying we goin till morning…we goin till morning…next ting braps…uhm…de authorities have requested that we shut down. Huh? Shut down? Why?!?!? Well let me tell you why. Some forkin clowns decide that instead of jamming on woman they would be more excited stabbing man! Seriously? Allyuh just idle so? Who de fack does that? Excuse meh French Spanish and Portugese eh but them idiots need a good knife stab in dey bottom hole because who de fork does decide to come out and start to stab up people just so? Yuh not robbing. Yuh not fighting fuh yuh woman. Yuh just feel to come stab people? St. Ann’s was fully booked carnival time or wha? Imagine you wining wit no behavior and next thing you look down and blood pouring out just so carnival Tuesday night. Dat is NOT de ending anybody is looking for! We come out to have fun and man come out to stab. Bun out dem assholes yes. Literally need to throw some oil and light dey ass on forkin fire! I am so vex as I write this. I tried to wait a lil bit before I addressed this but just thinking of it I am vex all over again! Dat is rhell shit! Three people were said to be stabbed in the area. I know of one for sure. One and all is too many!!!!!!!!! My request to allyuh idle men dat feel yuh to “manly” to play mas…stay yuh manly ass at home on Carnival Monday and Tueday.

Doh come cocking up yuh dutty pelvis lookin fuh wine when my band pass. Doh stretch yuh nasty manly hand pass de ropes trying to grasp my costumed bottom. And doh come looking to fight with the men who have sense enough to pay they money and have a nice time. Stay home and wine up and caress yuh knife and gun. Give them a hard wine and a jook and when de night falls…have yuh way with dem.

This is Sweet Ting and I am signing off…I will be back with my reviews of de music fetes and de road fuh 2010. Bless up!




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24 02 2010


I feel ya pain boy. I never in my life see such madness. Jammin down de road on the blessed J’ouvert morning- having a good time w/ Yellow devils. All to a sudden, a next band( I believe it was sex in the city) reach up with ours (in the rear). As I just finish going to the bathroom, I come out to reach back with my band only to find a set of sex in the city people arguing. Now I don’t know what started the problem, but what I do know is that a mad man just started stabbing up a woman. I see it with my own eyes… the only words that came to my mouth was “Jesus Christ help dat woman”. As the stabbing pursue, a whole set of men and women rush the Mad Man and started to share some real searious LICKS and I have to put it in caps b/c that man took the beating of his life. They hold up the man on the bar and start taking all types of bottles from the bar and breaking it on the man face. He get real kick up that morning. Some how he manage to break away from the madness. When he do break free- it was sooo much blood gushing from off his body. He run off into the crowd. When I do see the man again- he was laying down in his own blood and the police was STANDING on him. Well needless to say, there were plenty people watching and the woman who he stab must’ve been in shock b/c she had blood rushing down her back, but like liquor and adrenaline was in high effect b/c she was to fight again. Well I don’t know what happen to the woman or Mad Man but I’m almost certain that man died right there b/c it had to be 20 minutes he was lying there an the police aint move or call for no ambulance. They just took turns standing on him.

The violence in Trinidad is RIDICULOUS. I was in a Maxi going into St. James and 4 young boys ranging from 14-17 years came into the maxi w/ HUGE cutlass. What the HELL is really wrong w/ these kids. I’m pretty sure no body aint do dem nothing, but b/c it’s carnival time, they looking to make somebody life miserable. These things can really ruin your experience and outlook on the carnival season.

24 02 2010
Sweet Ting

Wow! That is madness!!! What the hell is this stabbing thing all about? Juss so people pick up this knife fetish? This is sick. They was right to let him lie down in he blood and let people enjoy the rest of dey Jouvert…but who could enjoy with that vision playing in yuh mind? This is not a fete in here this is MADNESS!!!!

25 02 2010

wow…i heard about stabbing when people tried to get into Jenny’s carpark for the TRIBE las lap.

What I witnessed @ d stadium where IP disbanded was even more disturbing (well to me). Two cars full of IP masqueraders heading in opposite directions around Jean Pierre, den all yuh heard was a thud and then see all kind of slap, cuff, kick and chinese chopper swinging. Utter and complete insanity because i was within 20 ft of those cars and up to now I do NOT know what caused that mellee.

T&T as a society has become too violent and too many people are allowing little incidents to slide. Little incidents eventually become big incidents.

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