The Jumbie Dat Stole Carnival……….Rah

25 01 2010

“Like We Need Blood in We Vains…….Dais How We Feel Bout Port-ah-Spain”.  Ah have ah feeling a lesson is being taught fuh C2K10.  By who yuh ask.  Well take ah guess.  9 out 10 times which artist does the masses look forward to seeing perform at a fete?  Which artist allyuh know infuses energy in a fete that makes the stushest of stush get on like a George Street Wajang.  So I was watching d Funeral ah mean Amnesia d odder night and folks………if this is a sign of what the season ahead holds……well we in trouble.  Lets look beyond the crowd which was clearly mourning the loss of $500 for this event………not 1 band or performer stood out.  Actually they all seem mediocre and shitty.  Yes ALL ah dem.  Zero vibes.  So maybe its just me out here in d cold feeling this way.  Nah…..ah dey talking tuh a few ah meh boys home and dey say d place doh have no vibes.  Well it kinna early so maybe things might pick up like how d Breathalyzer law snagged its 1st 6 violators dis past weekend.  BTW…….that Breathalyzer is a rell vibes killer eh.  Ah hearing rell people fraid tuh take a little drink here and there yes.   So long story short……….between the Breathalyzer Jumbie and d hiding Jumbie………things looking rell lame right now.  But who knows…….he might fly eeen like Super Grover and save d Festival.




3 responses

5 02 2010

LOL. for real. my first fete had Machel. is a must to see Machel at least once for the cval….and true, the man is AMAZING!!!!! eh have nobody to touch him.

26 02 2010

I read this post when it originally was posted, and reserved comment. Even though ‘d hiding Jumbie’ remained hidden all Carnival season, the Festival had a couple surprise Saviours. Thank God for JW and Blaze, Shal, HD Family improved drasically as the season progressed) and the others. Goes to show that though ‘d hiding Jumbie’ has a way of bringing out d George street jammette’ in all of us, there are others that can still make sure d jamette still enjoys themselves for d Festival.

8 03 2010

definitely was a great effort by those artists mentioned and a few others who did not get showcased.

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