Next Stop: D Borough of Black Gold and Music……Point Fortin Borough Day

29 03 2009

Oye.  Yes is Carnival in May again.  Just tuh give allyuh a recap of last year click on dis link .D link go give not only a review of last year trip but also some history on Borough Day.  Unlike last year we planning good dis time.  We getting somewey to sleep and we registering wit at least 1 band………ah go try tuh chain dem up tuh play in 2 doh.  It eh go feel right to play jouvert and no pretty mas.  Right now all ah have is meh plane ticket.  Meh Point people suppose to organize d rest ah business fuh meh.  We go see how dat go.  Fuh allyuh who might get d itch after reading dis……..airfare still CHEAP.  In d NYC area ah still seeing direct flights fuh about $350.  Wat else ah could tell allyuh?  Nuttin really.  Ah would ah like to see more information available online fuh dis event but allyuh know how dat does go…………salt.  But ah optimistic about it being a rell good time.  D key ting is preparation.   Ah hope to have everyting in place by d end ah next week fuh d latest.  Well ah go let allyuh kno how tings go.




**Edit**  a search on Devilbook will bring up information.




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