Tanty Say Doh Go Down Dey…….Ah Want Tuh Go Jouvert Jouvert: Wit Nasty Devils

10 03 2009

Jouvert into Mas……do it right or doh do it atall.  As usual we eh run after no Jouvert band but was tinking bout going back tuh d band we play wit last year.  But ah did find dey was advertising on d radio a bit too much.  Which tuh me mean too many stormers and too many foreigners.  During d season we lime a few time by a club called La Casa De Ibiza and dey had 2 Jouvert bands doing registration down dey.   We wasn’t really taking dem on tuh say we was planning tuh play wit dem……but just from observation dey was conducting business in a professional manner fuh d most part……..as opposed to d odder band who yuh would never see dem dey and d big flyer dey had didnt even have a contact number on it.  Ah was initially turned off when ah started to see familiar faces from my part ah town registering wit dem because my ting is I doh leave 1 country to come Trinidad tuh see people dat goin to remind me ah wat ah just leave to relax from.  But Saturday evening meh pardna see some ah he people and dat was d deal clincher…….it does come down to compromise sometimes so ah give him dis 1……..next year I have first dibs.


 Sunday evening we call……..and dey had no more t-shirts available……..but fuh $200 yuh could still register……we doh mind cuz we just need d basics………security, music, drinks and woman.  Security being d most essential on Jouvert morning………why……”Tanty say doh go down dey is too much bachannal dey go take yuh life away”.  Jouvert can be VERY sweet or VERY bitter………d devil does really be busy fuh Jouvert so yuh does have to make sure tings tight all arrung.  So we went down by d club pay d money……get some cups and wristbands.  D fella give we specifics as far as d meet up time, location and route.  We get dey like 4am everybody dey but no truck.  4:30 no truck.  Mus b minutes tuh 5 or probably even a little after 5 d truck reach.  We on d move now and is like all d stormers wit we.  Ah taking meh time and monitoring d scene but I eh seeing nuttin dat closely resemble SECURITY wit d band……but plenty stormers.  



Now fuh like ah hour we dealing wit stormers……..music stoppage and cah find d drinks truck.  We finally reach arounf Wrighson Road and d Stadium and d music stop again.  Dey want all masqueraders tuh move to d front ah d truck.  Now people rell vex and dey eh explaining what dey doing.  I  trying tuh figure out why d ass would dey want people in front ah d truck..  Well dey had an isolated area across a bridge that there were planning to get everybody relocated…….away from d stormers.  So it turn into a Jouvert Blocko.  And fuh dat ah have tuh give dem a big bligh.  Yes is not traditional Jouvert but d relity is we living in some focked up times and all most people really want is tuh enjoy demself and be safe.  And from d last couple of years of dealng wit unruly stormers and chasing after music trucks and bars…………..dis was a rell good plan dey implemented.  Tings run rell nice from dat point on.  Very good balance wit d music.  People was rell liking deyself.  Biggie Irie and Peter Ram performed……..which was nice but not necessary.  Live entertainers good fuh a concert but not fuh d road when people already in a zone.  dey did have Johnny Walker as promised and Breakfast.  D only problem was dat d bar buss too early because it was too friggen SMALL and dat vegetable and bread ting eh go work fuh breakfast.  Dem 2 tings leave meh a bit disappointed after dey impressed meh wit d Blocko move.  But allyuh eh do too bad nah Nasty Devils……..allyuh keep we safe and give we good music.  And dey dey did keep d music going so long dat I ride out tuh go get ready fuh Mas.  Keep dis Blocko concept…..but get a BIGGER drinks truck and bring a doubles man and a bake n saltfish woman.  Decent time overall.




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