Must Cross d Stage fuh Mas….Look like is Part ah we Ting AGAIN?

7 02 2009

Just cruising d Carnival forums and saw mention of it .  After going on d Newsday website this was the caption that went with the photo ” BIG STAGE: Workmen make last minute preparations on the new big stage at the Queen’s Park Savannah. For the last two years, masqueraders have been playing mas on the road, but this year a new big stage was constructed at the Queen’s Park Savannah. ”  This would lead readers ti believe it orn like corn in d Savannah again.  If is true great move by whoever making this possible.  But doh let allyuh head get tief yet……time will tell.  here is the link to the Newsday photo and article link is right above the photo.,27008.html#foto




One response

9 02 2009

hmmmm will we really be crossing a STAGe on Carnival Monday and Tuesday???
I will wait and see what really happens…’cause I doh want to get all excited and then there’s no stage.

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