The Making of a Carnival Junkie.

22 09 2008

Addicts are always looking for bredrins and sistrens to smoke with. Its no fun smoking alone and we are all guilty of spreading this drug we call carnival.  We go, we spend anywhere from 5 days to a month, we return home on a natural high.  We still blazing the hottest tunes from the season in our Ipods, car and home stereos and streaming at work.  We show all the losers who never experienced carnival our pictures, the websites, we tell them the stories, talk about the food, the weather etc. etc. and somewhere along the line, they say.. “I’m coming with you next year”. 

Fast forward 1 year and guess what you have by your side??  A noob!! a Carnival Virgin. Wide Eyed, bushy tailed and excited to experience this madness you so eloquently described.  And despite all that you have explained to them, they still don’t have a clue what they are in for.  When we say yuh not going to sleep, we really mean.. your not going to sleep!. Yes, there will be a man with a fire hose in the fete and it really does hurt if you stand directly infront of the spray.  Yes, there will be mud and paint in the crack of your ass jouvert morning, I told you not to wear yuh nice sneakers and what the hell are u putting on makeup for?? Yes, we really do drink all day and all night.  Yes there are fetes that start at midnight, 4AM, 6AM, 8AM, 10AM, 12PM, 2PM, 4PM.  and we are going to all!!  Yes, these really are some the most beautiful beautiful people in the world, and they don’t care about yuh beer belly or yuh stretch marks.  Dey want to wine wit you too!  Carnival is really Heaven on Earth (and no, this is not a plug for IslandPeople 2k9),

So yuh friend come, they struggle to believe the bliss, the joy, the happiness and the freedom they are experiencing.  They are in complete euphoria and the high is like nothing they have even experienced. Ash Wednesday come, they are exhausted and beaten down, but they made it through like a pledge process.  They limin up Maracas, in line at Richards and talking to other noob masqueraders, comparing notes of the fetes they did not go to. The bands they did not playwith and places they have not limed or eaten…. and what does your Noob say? I have to come back next year to do that.  I have to come early fuh AC (insert # here), I have to Go Bacchanal Wed since I went Customs, I have to Salybia since I went Beach House, Tribe or Uwi? I want to go to this $200 Fete named after some Brian Lara Fella. I want to play Tribe/IP next year.   Your Noob is already laying dey plans and intentions 364 days out…and worse off, dey recruiting other Noobs the minute they land back home.

Year 2 come and your Noob is a little more independent this time.  He/She has her training wheels off. They still need you but is willing to walk down to Arapita Avenue or the Main road by themselves.  U think to yourself… “they grow up so fast” and it almost brings a tear to your eye.  They out there making friends.  Hell, they seem to have more friends than you.  Dey Mashin up all de fetes, wukkin up on anything on the road.  Masqueraders, Trucks, police officers, telephone poles.. a poor unsuspected stray dog all feel the wrath of this outta control 2nd time masquerader.  Dey really have the time of their lives. Moreso than the first time… The high is even higher.

Dey need more carnival and dey need it now!!  Marking off dey calendar, DC? Vincy? Antigua? Caribana…ahhh Cropover in August.  That has to be the next best thing right??!! well, dey go… see some familiar faces, Cropover is nice.. beaches is nicer.. but its no Trini.  But good enough to hold dem over.

Only 6 months to TNT and the days already counting down and registration fuh next year mas about to begin.  Dey at the computer..counting down the seconds, credit card propped up between the function keys waiting to get in their section of choice.  3…2…1.. registeration open….band servers freeze. Dey callin u cussin!!! mad dey can’t register right now!! and then asking..What the fukk is Senvia?? is that like paypal? or Why I have to pay full price now??  You simply laugh, cause yuh cousin inline registering you at the mas camp anyway.  You tell dem keep trying, it will open up soon.

After that you don’t even hear from them again.  You figure they had enough.  So yuh go to make yuh plans fuh next mas.  Come to find out, the place u usally stay is booked!!  Ok, no scene.. yuh go with alternative.  Yuh call yuh driver.. He has some other people already this year. hmmm.. OK. scene. you will make do.  Yuh reach Trini and who do you see right there in Piarco??  yuh noob. and wit yuh driver!! picking up some new carnival virgins, to take dem back to your place which dey booked in advance.  yuh thinkin… What de mudda c—???

Well, no scene..cause yuh home and its time to free up, nothing can stop yuh.  Nor can it stop the junkie you created.  Dey independent and on dey own. Yuh tell dem be safe.. we will bounce up inna fete or on de road. If they need yuh, call me on this # if its b-mobile or that # if its Digicel.  Be proud of the monster you created.  They love and appreciate your culture, your people and your island.  Time to go out and make a new Junkie.




14 responses

22 09 2008

nice read as usual, I needed a good laugh today. Cheers

23 09 2008

Well yes!!!! ah lovee it!!!! lol It is so true!

23 09 2008
Carnival Enthusiast


23 09 2008

I can’t take credit for creating our noob, but we were present for her first mas experience. She has since left her birth place of Toronto, moved to Trinidad and is getting married. Its a hell of a thing.

23 09 2008

Ahh…. it’s time to infect the WORLD!! and is about time allyuh post..:)

23 09 2008
Mas In Yuh Ass

I still miss Akiba, the driver I lost to a noob 2 years ago.

23 09 2008

LMAO …. this was hilarious! 🙂

24 09 2008

Guilty as charged…I was the Noob in 2005…now real Noobs checkin me to organize them…good read…

25 09 2008
charlotte trini

dat was some beautiful, well put together, so true, writing right there!!!!

29 09 2008

hmmm…this is kinda scary. i mean, i can definitely see myself doing all of these things after my first experience next year. should i embrace the inner-carnival monster in me waiting to come out or should i seek help from now?

1 10 2008

Waveholdit………..get on get on get on……………embrace d monster and let it loose

26 10 2008

So true…from a S.Carolina noob!

30 10 2008

whey!!! ah late, yes ah know…iz a trini after all!! LOL
Anywhos, this made me laugh all over d people dem office.

Love it, love it.
I have indoctrinated some noobs, but they weren’t foreigners, they were born and bred trinis who never ever set foot on d road for Carnival. Then after that one experience dey need d experience like a drug!!!

T&T Carnival… d best, and most natural high in d world!!
Bring on Carnival 2009 🙂

22 11 2008

OMGoshhhhhhhh! How true!!!
I have busted the cherry of many a carnival virgin…
‘come to my home, I say..experience the greatest show on earth..’
The rest is history as the carnival bug bites…
Now ah does be seein dem all ova
Yep, I’m proud of the work I’ve done and I’ll continue to buss dem
All I need now is a stage…

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