Bastan Karnival

7 09 2008

This will b very short.    Decided to check it out and play mud.  Booked Hotel.  Found out price of playing mud raised because it was “all-inclusive”.  Wanted tuh cancel but hotel already booked.  The $75 fuh mud was not worth the price and the experience stil eh justify even half of it.  Stormers stormed and outnumbered masqueraders, 1 truck fuh 2 bands, food (lol) allyuh cah b serious, costume (lol) allyuh relly cah be serious and security tried…………but was not sufficient.  This was my second visit tuh Bastan and ah could give ah 99.99% guarantee I eh going back.  


New Jersey is often described as the armpit of America because of the Industrialization………….but I dare tuh say Bastan is d buttomhole of d America.  I have never seen so many wutless looking and acting West Indians in meh life.  Oh d tings dat ah see dat make meh feel so shame.Doh get meh wrong ah know and have met some decent West Indian folks from out dey………..god be wit allyuh. And fuh d first time in meh life ah almost get trampled in ah organized band.  From looking at the Boston Carnival organization website dey looked like dey had history and pride.  But from d looks of tings………….sumting eh right.  I dun.




5 responses

7 09 2008

I was at Boston carnival and I didn’t see a problem it. Quite frankly if you talk about stormers, you get that anywhere…NY, DC, Miami, Rhode Island and the list goes on and on. On the topic of watlessness, if you think Boston people watless, what will you say about NY people….man give me a break. You aint have nothing to talk bout.

7 09 2008

So u r entitled to say wat u see and i am entitled to say i saw shit everywhere I turned. U must have nuttin tuh read or else yuh wouldnt be reading and responding to d “nuttin” ah talking bout.

11 09 2008

Aye Canboulay …. just dropping by ….. tuh give yuh some ‘troll spray’ …..

LMAO 🙂 ….

22 09 2008
Robber Talk

LMAO… Buttomhole ???
I hope yuh ent have high expectations fuh “bahstan” carnival..
but $75 fuh mud? yuh get free drinks or entry into a lime or sumting?

20 10 2008

Wow.. Well, I must say.. that 1 hurt! Being a ‘Bahstan’ gyul myself, I was throughly offended! Sorry yuh experience w/ d Engine Room section was not up 2 par.. No band in Boston had/has all inclusive, so dunno y they lie! Next time, come jump w/ D’Horizon & Mz No Behavior will show u REAL wutlessness!!!

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