Where To Stay In Bimshire for Cropover

29 06 2008

Maybe ah shoulda tell allyuh dis like 2 months ago but better late dan never.  Fist ting to understand is dat Barbados is divided into parishes.  The parish that you ideally want to stay in is called Christ Church, this is in the Southern part of Barbados.  Now within Christ Church the jumping area is called St. Lawrence Gap.  Picture a stretch of road containing numerous restaurants and beach side hotels and condos.  At one end of The Gap you will find Dover and at the other end Maxwell.  Other nearby areas to stay are Worthing and Rockley.  Last year we stayed in  Dover and as far as I remember no taxi ride cost us more than $30 bajan dollars.  So these areas are very centrally located in order to get to fetes and d stadium for Kadooment Day.  The other good thing bout dese locations is dat you can walk to d beach and to buy food.

  I strongly recommend dat u book at least 6 months in advance…….oops dat was 4 months ago.  But if you search hard it not too late to find accommodations.  There is something for everybody budget……but remember wat yuh pay for is wat yuh go get.


Here are a few links that u might find useful:













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