Caaaaaaah Wait Till Kadooment Day

8 06 2008



Last Year was meh virgin voyage into Bimshire.  It took a lot of planning and research for places to stay, fetes to attend and which band to play mas with.  We were 3 deep for this trip and b4 we were finished feting d first night we all agreed that we would be back for another year.  Well we  reach yet and we are feigning to touch down again and we 4 deep dis time.  Unfortunately we cannot commit for a 3rd year because we not too happy with the rising cost to attend this Carnival.  So after Kadooment Day we going to see how we feel bout tings and make as decision fuh next year.  Next few posts I go be focusing on the important components of Cropover.   Why did I choose to go to Barbados as opposed to the other Islands that have a Summer Carnival.  Well since the Bajan Invasion of Trinidad during the mid 90’s I have been a huge fan of their Soca music.  So my initial attraction to this island started with the music and have branched off into other components of their culture.    




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