A.W.O.L Day Fete

1 03 2008

Last year was d first year of this fete and I was present fuh d virgin voyage.  1 of the changes I saw that dey implemented this year was dat dey offered parking from on the main road dung by Pier 1 as opposed to last year when parking was only available up on d backroad approaching Tucker Valley.  It was encouraging to see something new put in place to accomodate patrons.  I like d location of A.W.O.L and the overall bush and bamboo ambiance.  We got there kinna late and it was a littl challenging parking and den walking in d dark to ge to d maxi dat was shuttling folks back n forth.  Well look pressure…….we get in d maxi and boss man take off in a dash of speed……..now he have to buss a turn……..next ting yuh know we feel like he reverse down into a ditch and we about to turn over……luckily it was a false alarm. 

We get there and my goal is to recoup as much of my $350tt in 3 hours.   And recoup my $350tt I did.  At first ah was getting a little pissy because the bartender at the booth was giving drinks in some small baby cups like is juice time at d local kindergarten.  Well I decided to get me a big person cup at d regular bar and get my drinky drink on.  So in a nutshell the drinks were good and up until I left arrung 10 P.M. it was still pouring strong. 

As far as d food…….I is a man who doh really eat out other than to help maintain meh drinking prowess………and ah does also limit meh eating out because ah doh like using toilet bowls outside d Camboulay residence fuh comfort and sanitary reasons.  So wit dat said ah couldnt tell allyuh wat was really on d menu odder dan d pelau……..which im convinced dey put crack in because @ 4 in d morning while driving home after EWS (yes I hit 2 fetes) ah was swerving on d Lady Young trying to eat some dat ah took wit meh.     So overall as far as food and drinks were concerned I had no complaints. 

The DJ’s were pretty decent too considering the “exuals” dey had to work with.  D fete comprised of metrosexuals, homosexuals, bi-sexuals and poseoffexuals.  There was a missing ingredient in dis fete dat just did not promote true Jamishness.  Maybe there was a need for locals and not so many foreigners………..maybe dey need to change the layout so that people are forced to be in a central dance area and not spread out.  I cant put my finger on the solution right now.  There were a few pockets of people making a bachannal and having a time……but d place wasnt mashing up.  This fete has a lot of potential and I like the fact that dey did not raise the price and still maintained a good product.   If dey doh change d price im going back again next year.   I do hope dat dey come up with a new strategy to have more bachannal and less profiling in this fete.  And bigger cups fuh big drinkers like me.




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