Carnival this…and Carnival that…

28 02 2008

So if yuh been following us from de beginning, you know we speak based on our past experiences.  Every year we learn something new…and every year we see something old and familiar.  Sometimes I think these things haunt me.

In contingency planning, I mentioned, you should always look down when walking on the sidewalks.  Well, my reason for that advice was due to my own misfortune in 2007 while jumping up with IP.  Down by the complex, I on the sidewalk. Proceeded to jump up off the sidewalk, and right into a drain.

So after abandoning Evolution and spending the remainder of carnival Tuesday with IP, we come up on the scene of my 2007 misfortune. As expected, blasted hole still there.


That damn thing swallowed my left leg but I managed to score a 9.5 on the face plant.  I think I lost points for actually spilling my drink but I got a rousing applause (or was that laughter?) from those that witnessed it.  IP medics came to my attention though b/c the wire grid left me with some very nasty gashes.  Nothing like having iodine poured on your freshly opened wounds.  Needless to say,  I learned a valuble lesson.

I also mentioned not to pet any stray dogs.  Now I’m proud to say, I did not touch any stray dogs in the past and this year I was not confronted by any in the streets.  But  found it ironic that this critter was sitting behind me at the Break Biche fete while I was eating.  I felt his eyes piercing the back of my head and everytime I would turn around, the blasted dog would turn his head and look off to the side as if to say, “I’m really not staring at you”.


I picked up my plate and moved.  I felt like the little bastard was stalking me.  Fortunately I didn’t have to resort to and extreme measures to chase his arse away. He quietly left as the fete picked up.

Like most fellas, especially during carnival season… the entire island is our port-a-potty. No wall, no tree, no bush, no corner is sacred.  I think I hit an all time low when I had to go and proceeded to enter Maharaj Cemetery.  I was told that as long as you don’t pee on anyones grave, you will be fine.  I took that advise and peed in the canal. There were many others in there male and female, using various parts of the cemetary as their own port-a-potty so I didn’t feel to guilty.  None of us was hit by lightening after we left. I came across this sign at a gas station that made me chuckle.


They can use this sign all over Trinidad during carnival season.  Not that anyone would pay attention anyway.

“If you see de horse, de tail gone”  I think Patch had this woman in mind when he came up with that tune this year.  The damn pony tail don’t even match the rest of her hair.


Mampees to the Left of me, Mampees to the right of me….(hang on to your lunches).  This is your opportunity to make your own comments as you see fit.  Canboulay already warned me that the mampees probably have a contract out on my head.


This woman is the Shaquille O’Neal of all IP masqueraders.  This picture doesn’t quite give you the full effect of her massiveness.  She dwarfed everyone. I strongly doubt and crew of fellas tried to bumb rush woman for a group wine.


Not sexy


Ok…now on to sights thats easier on the eyes.

Tobago is a beautiful place.  If you don’t already do so, you should fit this into your schedule every year.


Visit the Falls


Take a glass bottom boat to the Nylon Pool and Bucco Reef


Pigeon Point Beach


Personally, I enjoy taking the ferry but if you have a weak constitution and you’re prone to get seasick, take yuh arse out to Piarco and hop on the “other” T&T Express.

Destra say she not pregnant. Ah still want to know where all dem breasts come from.  

I went to Tribe-Ignite Fete this year.  It was a social.  Atleast it was all inclusive.

I think this was everyones favorite monday Masquerader.   Word of this woman traveled all over the country before the day was over.  Personally, I “heard” of her but didn’t think I’d actually get to see what everyone was talking about….but there she was, like a beacon of light. I automatically knew this was the superstar I heard of.  I think everyone was disappointed when she actually wore a full costume on Tuesday.


I’m not a fan of the ladies wearing stockings, I want to see all the bamcee on the road… but every now and then, you get one that makes you think…well…maybe.


OK….ah Done fuh now.

 When the next carnival? 




13 responses

3 03 2008

Ayeeee I know dat Mampee in the black…You would never believe me if I told u how old she was!!!! ROFL.

3 03 2008
Robber Talk

You know we want to ask… so go ahead and amuse us.. Just “how much is the mampee in the window”… excuse old?

3 03 2008

I know dey mampee in dey blue!! OH GOSH!!
allyuh not rite dred lol!!

5 03 2008

hey, tribe ignite was a drinks inclusive, not all-inclusive! although for $300 i find u cud at least get doubles!

5 03 2008
Robber Talk

Chino’s I stand corrected b/c I definitely had to go outside to buy a hamburger afterwards…

10 03 2008
Missing Carnival

I was watching this flea bitten dog in that fete. I was wondering how we out in the middle of now where and this stray dog find he way into the fete.
Those pics of tobago are beautiful. I have to make it there one of these days

11 03 2008
better den u

personally i fine who u call de shaq of de band to be very confident not everyday do u see someone like her that can look as good as she did and for the record she had lots of men wanting to wine on her

11 03 2008
better den u

it takes a real man to handel such a powerful woman

11 03 2008

Carnival is bout freedom……once yuh comfortable wit yuhself… it up

12 03 2008
better den u

what do u guyes think about who they call shaq

18 03 2008
Robber Talk

For a woman of her stature, she did it up right. Unlike many who you see on the road and you think… W-T-F. She definitely put it together well…

20 03 2008

Oh well the mampee in the window isssssssss *drumroll* 15 years of age.

23 10 2009

very good.

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