Bamcee to the left of me, Bamcees to the right of me

24 02 2008

Obviously, I must be idle if I take that time to make a bamcee collage.  Well, I don’t have any other excuse. So I borrowed a couple of pics from my breds that played with Tribe and combined with my own collection. I didn’t show any discrimination for the pics I actually took.  So here is a collection of all shapes sizes. 100 bamcees….big, small, round, flat, nice and not so nice.   

enjoy  😉






5 responses

25 02 2008

Damn allyuh catch me!

25 02 2008
Robber Talk

uh huh…
right there in the top row 😉

25 02 2008
Nam Hu

Pure genius.

25 02 2008

Bamceeology… it

14 07 2008

I was enjoying the kicks with all the Bamcee.. and then when yuh say Tribe, ah say lemme see who I know get scandalized in this series. Was not expecting to see meh own bamcee… thank gawd the pic is small and making the bamcee look good, but I had to get all the way to the end and the last row to confirm meh own bamcee.

Anyhow, thank gawd allyuh men does watch waist and not face!!!

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