D’Original Breakfast Fete Vs SunnySide Up

14 02 2008

Whats not to love about this infamous “Original Breakfast Fete” in Diamond Vale.  These are the hardest tickets to get as I have spent 3 years trying to find a way to this fete. I finally lucked out thanks to my friends over at http://trinidadfetetickets.blogspot.com/

Now I am usually a man of principle so after years of hearing how difficult the organizers of this event can be I strongly contemplated not giving them my money. I even considered trading them in for some Sunnyside up Tix.  After all, you don’t get any performances and “allegedly” what you receive from a food and drink standpoint was questionable.  This is merely a block party right?

Well, I sucked up my pride and went b/c lord knows if I will ever get another chance.  I’m glad I did as the Vale fete was all it was cracked up to be.  It was just different.  The crowd is relatively laid back which can be a turnoff for many fete goers but the atmosphere here was unlike any other.  I didn’t feel the stoosh factor you get at lets say…Lara Fete.  I found Vale to be a breath of fresh air from the usual fete routines.

Immediately you learn that Vale regulars are a special click. Almost a cult with groups of long time friends claiming territory.  For example..there is:

De Roof Crew.


D’ Wall Crew


Lamp Post Crew 


D’Lushes Crew who seem to position themselves somewhere behind the lamp post crew.


I have never seen anything like this in a fete and found it hysterical.  Duchess, Sprang and other top DJ’s was blazin the tunes. The women were gorgeous, sun blazing hot. People wore funny T-Shirts. 



One of the residents took their waterhose and sprayed the crowd.  This year, they opened up the “park” right on Amythest Avenue thereby expanding the room for this event.  There was food, plenty drinks and more importantly…It was a nice “size” crowd.


Vale definitely gets two thumbs up and will see me again when I figure out how to infiltrate this click and get tickets without getting the 3rd degree.

Canboulay on the other hand went to SunnySide Up


I did decide from d get go dat I was going SunnySideUp and break d regular Insomnia routine.  Reach Trinidad…..collect meh tickets and ah ready to go.  So we get dey arrung 1/4 to 4 and rell people outside……but we liming on d corner and not directly by the entrance.   Arrung 4:10’ish we decide to venture to D entrance and den we realized dat all dem people outside was juss gapers who probably didnt have tickets………..but it was funny to see a wanna be bourgoise scalper.  Well we get in d place and headed straight to get something to eat.  We decided to get some saltfish and hops.  Ah see meh fren screw she face after she get d ting and ah was wondering why………..when I get mine ah realize is a table spoon ah saltfish inside a dry hops bread.  I eh even fret………after meh Salibya experience I realized wat was going on and decide to rock back.  My ting is dis……if I pay $500tt fuh ah party I expect my hops bread to get full wit saltfish until I surrender and beg allyuh to stop.  There were 2 live bands………some jokers and Roy Cape.  Sometimes Blaxx does talk too much and dat takes away from his performance…..he was talking too much bout d Soca Monarch.  The crowd was blahhhh.  And for the number of people they sold tickets there was not sufficient bathrooms.  Yuh wah have somewat of a classy even and doh wah people behave like ole nyggers……..den provided sufficient bathrooms so mankind doh have to be pissing against yuh house.  The best part of this fete was the last 45 minutes when the DJ picked up d pace and started blazing tunes in d place.  Best thing I saw in this fete was the fact that they had barrels of water available for people to drink without going by the bar.  My BOTTOMLINE is if I pay X amount of dollars for a fete………I expect to be spoilt and not given a dry hops bread wit a tablespoon of saltfish………and a screwface server.  So SSU will have the pleasure of not seeing me next year.  To all those who enjoyed themselves…..I would like you folks to be honest with yuhself………..was it the product that the promoter provided you……or was it the alcohol and the vibe you/your friends provided.  Maybe in years past this event was not as crowded and you got what yuh payed for……….but I only recouped 3/4 of my money at the bar.




One response

15 02 2008
Piff Huxtable

I agree, like Salybia, this was another fete that went up in price and offered less in service. The hops and dregs of herring, to the fish cakes and the lack of american breakfast was an insult to what they were offering last year for 20US less! However, i have come to the stark realization that the promoters in Trinidad charging you for the vibes which in my opinion is second to none in TNT. My best fete for the second year running hands down. Will they see PIFF again, of course, but not without telling them that they must step their all inclusive game up, from the bar, to the bands

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