I Out On D Road….I Dere Wit My Friends and Island People Mas

14 02 2008


A friend of mine was doing a Carnival project and asked me what Carnival meant to me?  I responded by saying freedom and friendship………there are the 2 things that I value most with Carnival.  Its the 1 time of the year that my head is clear of ALL responsibilities (except young Canboulay) and when I enjoy the companionship of my family and friends @ fetes and on D Road.  These 2 factors often make my Carnival experience a lil bias because my mind is free and im with loved ones.  Okay enuff of the nauseating nostalgia…..on wit d frikkin show.  So allyuh boy played wit Island People Mas………..Animal Instincts dey call it.  First allyuh must understand dat  ah had a very bitter taste in meh mout from IP last year, but true Carnival veterans understand all d politics when it comes to deciding on a band.  So D Trini cew and D foreign crew came to a last minute decision dat we going back into d belly ah d beast. 

 Fast forward to Carnival Friday……..we drive down by d National Stadium park and gone inside to start d madness.   What frikken madness……..we pay and pick up costumes for 5 people in 30 minutes.   There were a few discrepencies with the sizes written down…..no problem and no stinken dutty Trini attitude (allyuh kno wat ah talking bout) the young lady made the changes without incident.  The overall vibe at the distribution center was very pleasant and professional.  Did I mention dem no good people gave us 2 goodie bags……well im sure allyuh did hear bout dat since day 1.  Is not much considering the money we paid…….but I doh mind getting mammaguyed into thinking ah getting a good deal when im being robbed blind.    Fast forward Carnival Monday……….niceness continues.  No problems with drinks…..no problem with food…..security tight.  I found dat the bars were never too crowded.  At 1 point in time I actually thought they had too many drink trucks because that bonus Stag truck really helped.  My only complaint was that  we get of d road a bit too early. 

Tuesday is here and we late cuz woman need to put on all dey added accessories..  Wait……wats this……a Band Locator Hotline…..the phone ringing and a pleasant voice answers.  “Hello this is Canboulay…….wey d band?”  IP Operator: “Sir the band is presently on Park and Charlotte Streets.”  Niceness.  As simple as dat was ah was grateful dat d phone ring and dey gave us accurate info.  Dat number came in handy a few other times when we went roaming later in d day.  Everything was good again on d road.  No problem with drinks or food and security was TIGHT.  There was always an open line of COMMUNICATION as they announced everything.   We reach by the Hospital wey d drink trucks does go around cuz we going and cross D stage……dey tell we………we passing by “hot zones” wey d Guntas waiting to victimize people……dey tell we “stay within the ropes”.  Music was good but I woulda like dem to play more tunes.  We  was parked up on D side of QRC for a long period of time which is when I guess they ran into watevah technical issues they sent that recent email out. 

When we reach arrung D Stadium ah hear dem say dey making 1 last lap arrung and den heading in fuh D After Party……….we decided to head straight inside.  It was then folkes that we experienced EXTACSY…….D BEST Jerk Chicken ah ever taste in T&T.  We stumbled upon a food truck and D fella say “All ah have is chicken”…………God Bless that fella.  Ah eat ah whole container ah chicken.   We killed some time inside and for a while tort IP give we a 6 fuh a 9.  Was actually gearing up to leave when security started pushing everybody towards d After Party.  Waiting outside fuh d rest ah D crew ah bounce up meh partner Midnight Robber.  Being d good fella dat ah is ah forgive him fuh not jumping wit we and gave him D Complimantery Pass to enter D Party.   Yes they gave each masquerader a complimantary pass that they could give to family or friends.  And like Shurwaine said “Whole Day We Jamming…..Whole Day Whole Day”.  After Party was sweet.  No premium drinks……..but there was still alcohol.  Now if yuh been following this blog from day 1 we been giving allyuh survival tips…….so when people troat dry…….Canboulay and D crew had they Rum Bota full ah Johnny Green to take dem into the night.  But all good tings must come to an end……but not the way we left.  Ah wah send a special “Haul Yuh Mudderscunt” to Jugglers or wateva yuh call dem fuh disrespecting we music and culture by playing dat Passa Passa reggae.  IP……..if allyuh doing an After Party again next year…..make sure allyuh hire disc jockeys who are committed to Soca music and the culture of T&T. 

Last year ah gave Island People ah grade F fuh fukkery……….this year ah giving dem a B+.  My assessment of the band is minus the influence of alcohol and the fun with my friends and family.  Its based on Customer Service, Security and Mammaguying.  Food coulda been bettter, music coulda been better, more time on D road and crossing ALL D stages.  I doh wah no email with excuses.  As much as I appreciate the excuse………Carnival didnt start yesterday.   Allyuh suppose to have a plan A-Z to get allyuh masqueraders across these bootleg stages since dem jackasses at NCC and D Culture Minister cant seem to get dey act together with D Savannah.  Ah go give allyuh a lil bligh because D excuse kinna make some sense……..but shame on allyuh fuh not having proper contingencies in place.  With that said if allyuh could do some damage control with costume prices fuh next year and provide a better product on D road………allyuh might see us again……..and we might bring some more friends.  Costume price is UBER IMPORTANTE….juss pay attention to d housing market in D USA…..dat bubble buss and look at pressure dey facing now……..yuh could only squeeze but so much juice out of ah orange eh……..doh let d bubble buss on allyuh too.  Finally……. Big Up to all d rope pullers, security people, food and bartenders for IP…..u folks were the diffeence makers on D road.

****Few Pics Courtesy of MR from Monday*** 










7 responses

15 02 2008

Alright!! Thanks guys for de reviews!! As a woman who miss Carnival for the 1st time in 11 years, your reviews almost make me feel like ah was dey !! *almost* 🙂 That was quick turnaround too – ah leave a comment yesterday, and today 3 new reviews up. Is now all yuh could go and do a lil wuk!!

15 02 2008
Robber Talk

Ask and you shall receive….
We almost done…
Couple more reviews to go..
Then we shutting it down till the summer festivals come around.

15 02 2008

Again, thanks for the reviews. As a die hard masquerader missing Carnival for a second year in a row because of 3 college tuitions bills, I really appreciate the reviews. Ah dam well kinda know I might not have been able to make it, but ah still pay down meh money in Tribe hoping that somehow something might come through. These reviews are a godsend. Now ah feeling like ah was right dey in de thick of things. Thanks.

15 02 2008
Nam Hu

Fix the bloody links on the pics. I need to be able to supersize all de gyal dem.

16 02 2008
Robber Talk

Nam Hu .. i got you. 21 new pics uploaded…with working links

18 02 2008
Nam Hu

yeah YEAH.
Nam Hu likes.

28 02 2008
Mas In Yuh Ass

Allyuh ain’t pass thru Tribe or wha? Is like I only seeing Island People bamcee…lemme tell yuh – yuh miss out. Me and meh girls had Tribe hottt. Glad to know that a good time was had by all; I personally HAD A TIME. Trinidad sweet too bad, oui.

Missed you guys, glad to see you hit the ground running and are posting already.

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