“Hey You..Why Yuh Not at Work?” ——-The Break Biche Review

14 02 2008


Now admitedly, I had a  bit of skepticism about this “new” fete on the scene, brought to us from the same fellas that promote SunnySide Up.  After all, its a Friday “Day” fete, scheduled from 12-7.  Usually a big costume pickup day, some of the residents still at work, people have business to take care of and chances are, many pulled a double fete the Thursday before going from either Salybia or Beach House then to Tribe-Ignite or UWI splash.  Basically, all the ingredients are there for this all inclusive fete to flop. 

This event is set back in the bush of Tucker Valley. Yuh transport can only take you so far as you must get out and hop on a shuttle to the actual location. We arrive at 2:30 and this is what we see.


Hmm, kind of empty.  Well, I guess we are early. We actually run into another group of friends from the UK that got there before we did. They are a small click that goes by the name Soca Kartel.  We normally see them playing mas in T&T and Barbados carnivals.  Well, since its an all inclusive, people hungry so we go eat. We ate buss-up, and some other stuff.  Went for drinks with our yellow cups….and what do you know, they have Johnny Green.  Now, me and Johnny Green became good friends about this time.  It was my birthday, and I figured Johnny Green should help me celebrate……often!

So, I’m on my 3rd cup of Green on the rocks and I discover the raw oyster bar.  I love raw oysters.  Yes, I know it looks like snot but I’ve eaten worse. This became my diet for the next hour or so.


For some godforsaken reason, all my female friends started avoiding me by the time I downed my 5th oyster.  Well, whatever the reason, Johnny Green was still keeping me company.  Its about 4:30 and now the crowd is rolling in and the vibes pick up.  Its turning out to be a nice fete. 5:15, I go back to the bar.  No more Johnny Green!!!!  That sonofabitch left the party without saying goodbye!!  My cup was empty…I had to downgrade to Johnny Black. It don’t matter..my body was numb by this time. I can feel no pain and I have no taste buds. I could have drank diesel feul and not notice the difference.  Damn that Johnny Green.

By now, the vibes was feeling really nice…or is it my .25 BAC making me feel this? I wish I had a breathalizer. Roy Cape Allstars come on stage. I swear they are performing at every fete. I never paid attention to Trini Jacobs before….I’m thinking she’s kinda sexy..


OK, the oysters must be taking effect too.  It don’t matter, by now the party is on fire.  Blaxx is singing the 25 minute version of Breathless, people wukkin up everywhere.  This is a hell of a fete….I call my transport, tell him come an hour and a half later, this thing just getting started


Damn, its 7:30….they really shutting the fete down!! no scene, we have plans to lime at crobar anyway.  The entire crew is tore down. Guess I wasn’t the only one the got cozy with Johnny Green.  You know it was a good time when all 50 people on the shuttle bus back to the parking lot break out in song, “You can bring it in a bottle, you can bring it in a Flask, you can bring it in a cup or, you can bring it in a glass…I waaaaaant meh rum in the moooorning……I waaaaant meh rum in the eeeeveniiiing”.

On a critical note.  I would like for them to push the times back a little. Maybe 2-9PM or 3-10pm. So people can still get to Blue Range or GP if they want or pick up their costumes in the morning (unless they playing mas with Evolution of course..might as well wait till Saturday nite).  Keep a little more Johnny Green behind the bar.  It wasn’t “that” many people there that the supply should end so early.  A little more food variety might come in handy as well but given the circumstances of a first year fete at an unusual time, I think they did a pretty decent job and everyone I know had a hell of a time.

Carnival is what you make it.  Break Biche will see me again. 





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