I See Yellow People

13 02 2008


 The past couple of years I played Jouvert with a small band called MudsterzBall.  Their HQ use to be in the back of Crobar and they line up over near the complex. Very nice band with mud and paint, it was all inclusive, the organizers were friendly. Their signature were these large Top Hats (I have 2 in my collection) and standards. I had no complaints.So what do I do this year?  I venture off to try something new.  I decided to go with a big popular Jouvert Band on the recommendation some friends. One of these days, Im going to learn to stick with a good thing and just ride it out.  Maybe thats my problem and explains why I’m still single.  But this article isn’t about me.

Now I would by lying if I didn’t say I had a great time with the Yellow Devils.  Like Zan said, “I out on de road, I here wit my friends, if you lookin for me, you’ll find me again” My crew was deep we had a ball. 

“Look at meh pants…look at me shoe…look at meh t-shirt”, and on that note, I hit you with my first complaint about Yellow Devils.  I don’t recall hearing one Jouvert Tune.  There was no riddem section either.  The band was very big.


….and the liquor truck was inadequate. Drinks were difficult to get…bar buss before we even reach the mainroad in St. James. I had to resort to drinking Smirnoff Ice.  Its a bad sign when I have to drinking wine coolers.  My homegirl was complaining to one of the “bartenders”, I paid $50, I want a drink.  The fella ignored her, opened up a bottle of water took a sip, and looked down at her and said “This is Trinidad!”.  As if to say, Fukk you and your money..to bad.  Matter of fact, here is the skinny bastard right here.


 I had to snap a picture b/c I knew I would be putting this up on the blog.

Anyway, there were pretty girls were pelting yellow paint from the back of a truck.  Talk about a hazard…I’m sure plenty people get paint in their eye.  Personally, I ducked and asked them to just pour in on me. I’d rather they not fling it from across the road when I wasn’t looking.


These were the paint girls after they ran out of paint.


 As were were coming thru St. James, we get cut off by another band.  Its Section 8. They had Mud.  I think I like Mud better.. They had a riddem section.


 .. and Tassa 


and it appeared to be a nice size. people still had drinks as they were passing through St. James and not sucking down some damn Smirnoff Ice because their bar buss. The masqueraders with Section 8 were definitely having a good time. 


Yellow Devils did have water truck though. I don’t recall seeing that with to many other Jouvert Bands.


Maybe thats their niche….(along with yellow paint).  All in all, I had a good time.  Why wouldn’t I, there were braless women in wet shirts.



And Bamcee fuh days 


Carnival is definitely what you make of it. So, will Yellow Devils see me again?…..ummm..NO!  They aren’t for me, but they are for alot of other people.  Will I recommend them??? it depends on who you are and what you are looking for.






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13 02 2008

I agree the bar was POOR. Had to wait so long for drinks, I had some of the security trying to help me get drinks off the barman, think they realised how bad they were.
A guy I saw got a load of paint in his eye and the girls throwing it just shrugged their shoulders and told him to wipe it out! Poor guy was stumbling all over the road!
And yea, not enough jouvert tunes!!
But other than that, had a great time!!

13 02 2008

I played with them in 2005 and it was so much better. I decided to try them again this year…. the drinks situation was some crap I was standing next to meh the person who said I paid my $50…I was too through when ugliness made the comment about this is Trinidad. The throwing of the paint is what pissed me off the most. It got into a friend of mine eyes and she wears contacts… she had to go gome to wash her eyes out with solution. Those chicks are lucky they didn’t get jumped when they got off the truck….All in all had fun because it’s all about who yuh with, but I will definitely be looking for another Jouvert band next year…

13 02 2008

hhahahhaa…I know that skinny bastard…His name is Evans and he is one of the bartenders at 51…LOL

14 02 2008

Ohhhhhkkkkaaaayyyy!! Just spent a minute reading most of your older posts (having been turned onto your blog via Saucy’s blog) and I am dying with laugh here. It is really refreshing to read all things mas and Trini from a man’s point of view and you (all?) write well. Thanks! Keep up the great work and all but allyuh cyah come quicker with de rest of de reviews?? I mean allyuh acting like yuh does work or sumthin!! LOL 🙂 JK!!

14 02 2008
Robber Talk

LOL…Ok Sweettrini…
Next review coming up tonight is Vale Vs. SunnySide Up
Tomorrow – Salybia
BreakBiche, AWOL, Ignite, Eyes Wide Shut and IP Mas review coming soon
and we will top off with “Idle thoughts”..

and by the way..we do work….sometimes.

14 02 2008
Piff Huxtable

I agree man. I played Sec 8 last year. Decided to switch up the pace with the crew. All in all had a ball with the crew this year but a much better time in Sec 8 last year… Warm Stags, paint in the eyes, and music selection was some of the weak points in the band…

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