Bacchanal Wednesday – The “Zen” Crowd Outdoors

12 02 2008

This was my second year in a row going Bacchanal Wednesday. Unlike the previous year when I was pissy drunk and failed at an attempt to  to lift a woman 3x my size that nearly crushed my spleen, I was much more reserved, paced myself, took in the crowd, experience and stayed away from the mampees.

So the day started out having to pick up my own tickets at the Zen Box office.   Now, I have never been “inside” Zen but I’ve heard dozens of stories about how they only want white, indian and lightskinned patrons. They don’t care for us darker hue individuals.  Now, I have never experienced this myself, but I find the friends and family that has experienced this to be credible.  So what do I do, when we reach the Zen Box office? I send my lightskinned bredrin to purchase the tickets.  I’ll just fall back.  Now my boy goes to purchase the tickets, only has $USD.  Apparently, ZEN is the last place you want to take USD. Instead of the standard 6-1 exchange rate, ZEN is doing $5.50 to 1.  If you give them a $100 USD, you get $550 TT.   CRIMESCENE!!  I wasn’t at the window when this went down and he told me after we left.  Not to say I would have done anything different, we were at the window already and a pretty long line had formed behind us.  We just took the “L” on that one but after purchasing a few tix, we were shorted maybe $100 TT.

Well, evening come around, we gather up the troops, bottle of rum, bottle of Johnny Black, we go Chagauramas to lime on the road and drink before we go in.

Enter Bacchanal Wednesday…and this is a large portion of the crowd.



I was really pissy drunk last year because “this” crowd didn’t register in my mind. (Alcohol is a hell of a drug).  Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with “this” crowd.  The dynamic of the whole fete scene just amazes me because I’m wondering what other fetes they go to? I’ve been to roughly 15 “different” fetes the past couple of years and this is the only time I see “this” crowd.

Anyway…the performances were on point. Destra was looking kinda buxom, I thought it was a push up bra but I went to Tribes-Ignite the following night and said to myself…”thats not a push up, its a bigger bra!”  I think Destra pulled a Nina Mckenzie on us this year.  I took this picture of Destra in 2006 at Lara Fete.


This is Destra Bacchanal Wed 2008.


Where did all that cleavage come from? Not that I’m complaining. She’s still hot to me. I just need warnings for these types of changes.

Anyway…Machel came on…and it didn’t rain. I guess his Obeah man had the day off. Machel performed in typical Machel style. I don’t know how he manages to exert that much energy, several times a day and all sorts of hours but he is truly a master at his craft when he isn’t smacking women around,  kicking them in the face or mashin up fellas in Club Zen.


All in all, Bacchanal Wed was cool. Typical fete with peformers. Stoosh people in VIP. Get your Chits, buy your drinks etc. etc.


I’m thinking 2x is enough of Bacchanal Wed for me. Its a time to return to Custom Fete Carnival Wednesday Night.





7 responses

13 02 2008

they also go to bazodee, wicked in white and trini posse cooler fete/all inclusive! lol

13 02 2008
Robber Talk

OK…..all the other fetes I have NOT been to. Thanks for the info Chinos.

13 02 2008

I heard rumors that Destra might be pregnant…could explain the “new” breasts! LOL

Yeah, next year I am skipping this fete altogether too…just doesn’t do it for me!

14 02 2008

Don’t get me started on the tickets for this event… you are lucky to have got some at zen. We went to buy some and were told we couldn’t because “your name had to be on a list or you had to get them through a commitee member”. WHAT?!? The girl infront of us in the q was told “she couldn’t buy any now but wait to one side”. God knows what they told the person behind us.
So I guess this is to keep unwanted people out? My friend who went to buy the tickets fits the ‘zen crowd’ look exactly (not that this should matter). However we ended up buying ours off some man out of his car window on the road. Very secure guest list. Not.

14 02 2008
Piff Huxtable

Got VIP tix and still had to buy drinks… 60tt got me 3 stags… As far as the crowd, Piff wasnt pleased…Looked like Trini Possee meets Tavern on the Green in there… Last time i going there for carnival. I thinks crobar maybe getting my money on a wednesday night.

15 02 2008

I stop going Zen going on 2 years now. I is a man I understand d need to keep d Guntas out of decent establishment so dat decent folks can enjoy demself. But Guntas does come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Guntas are not just dark skin black folks. I have personally experienced d cloak and dagger movement to buy tix fuh BW……indivdual in d b ox ffice send meh on d other side ah d Box Office and tell meh “doh tell dem ah send yuh”. Is some kinna secret society type bullshit dey does be running. Dem does wah act like dey better dan we…..but d reality is dey wuss. Piff yuh absolutely right…..better off bussing a lime somewey dan wasting time and money in BW.

22 02 2008

Customs was bess!!!!! I agree return return

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