Carnival Please Stay, Don’t go Away!!

10 02 2008

Sadly enough, Carnival 2k8 is Over.   Its back to the grind but we can reminisce over the next couple of weeks.   The Wining Kriminal Review is coming soon.  We didn’t miss many fetes, AC 3+3, AWOL, Eyes Wide Shut, Bacchanal Wed, Salybia, Tribe-Ignite, Break Biche, Sunny Side Up, Vale and others.  Jouviet with Yellow Devils, Mas with Evolution (that was a travesty), Mas with Island People who was offering Tribe level of service (and to our understanding, Tribe offered IP level service this year but some investigation is pending.)  We have pictures, pictures and more pictures.  We have bamsee, we have breasts, Hot pants and thongs, we have fashion faux paus, we have Mampees, beautiful women, questionable women and somethings that look like women but we weren’t sure.  No photo opportunity was spared and everyone will feel the wrath of our digital cameras in 8.1 megapixels.  I just hope we don’t get sued.  We have questions….Why does it rain everytime Machel perform?  When did Destra get Implants? Congrats to FayAnne on winning the roadmarch with “Get-On”, Bunji and Shurwayne with the 2 Soca Monarch categories. McFarlane wins band of the year (that was a no brainer).  The Travelspan Effect (those of you that has ever flown from NY to T&T on this airline will know what I’m talking about). The T&T Express to Tobago (I was ready to pelt somebody chile overboard). And how bout those New York Giants!!! 

Hold on Tight…as we bring you the Carnival 2k8 Review….Wining Kriminal Style. 




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