Kriminal Rant – Getting Pimp Slapped

27 12 2007

Now, all of you, just like us are all lovers of Carnival and everything it is “supposed” to represent.  Unfortunately,we have all been subject to  some level of mistreatment or abuse from the powers that be.  We complain, we cuss, we get vex, we blast the violators on the internet and on Blogs. The abuse some of us take are reminiscent of Ike and Tina Turners greatest hits.  (lets see how many of you catch that joke). Yet, we persevere, play our mas, go to our fete’s…and sometimes go back to the same people that abuse us time and time again because once its said and done, we have drinks, we have Soca and we are liberated for the day…despite the bullsh!t it took to get there.

Here is the latest complaint, circulating the internet about the organizers of a fete that is by far hardest to obtain tickets.  

……………………. remembering that Boxing Day was the day that the much sought after Diamond Vale Breakfast Party tickets quietly began selling I decided to track them down. Now, I must say I have NEVER been to the Vale fete, though I have heard much about it. Everyone swears it is supposed to be THE best Breakfast party on Carnival Saturday/wee hours of Carnival Sunday yet I have chosen in the past to go to Insomnia and recently Dawn.For 2008 I had decided to give this Breakfast Party a try and upon questioning friends who have been before to find out why tickets were SO hard to come by, what made this fete so special I was told it was all about the vibe and the people since there were no live bands and it was not all inclusive. To tell you the truth, any fete where I have to track down tickets like a hunting dog on the trail of a rabid hare, leaves me with a somewhat acrid taste in my mouth. So it was more curiosity that led me to “the house” last evening.With several calls to the person who knew a person to get directions we eventually found “the house”, rang the bell.. waited and waited and waited some more before I got a bit tired of standing in the streets hoping for someone to come down and bestow tickets on me and left!!  ………………………………..

So, news reaching me today is that it was probably a good thing that I did not wait for those precious tickets since another “newbie” also made their way to “the house” yesterday for tickets and was given the “Spanish Inquisition!”. The persons with the golden ticket wanted to know who newbie was, how did newbie hear about the party AND wrote her name with contact information down in a book! At that time tickets were reportedly close to sold out as well, so you would think that all the interrogation was not necessary. Listen, between you and me I am NOT jumping through hoops for any party, I am sorry. And, I have been told that every year that with this particular fete it is the same drama to get tickets……………………………………………I realised that I was and never will be a Carnival masochist!

So the question I have is “where do we draw the line”?  This behavior and experience is not rare. There are six degrees of separation in most places in the world but only one in Trinidad. Everybody know somebody that know’s the organizers of this fete and isn’t suprised by the above email.  I have heard stories for years about the difficulty of getting tickets to this particular fete.  I have heard about the attitude and shadiness these people have when it comes to this fete.  We are by no means promoting or encouraging a boycott.  Im sure the Vale contingency don’t care b/c I get the impression, this is not what they had planned when the breakfast party first started.  Apparently it was for their family and friends…an no one else.  We welcome anyone that is “in the know” to come on and enligten us about Vale, in the comment section.  This is not a challenge…just help us understand the mistreatment.




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27 12 2007

well if de damn fete is for their friends and family why de ass dey doh treat it like a private lime…and only invite their friends and family..and don’t block off the residential street and public road ways….and disrupt neighbours sleep, etc….

a friends and family only lime/party doh need police officers and security or to be extended onto public roadways…

friends and family lime is meant to be inside yuh own parameters….in yuh yuh house…

they knew damn well what it blossomed into and if they didn’t want it any bigger or open to public den what de ass they selling tickets for and keep encouraging people to the event for…

is nothing more than greed and self importance dat driving dem people IMHO…..

27 12 2007
Piff Huxtable

I go to SSU instead. Went through a family member to get tickets for DV one year. She had to remind me a million times that the tickets were “uber exclusive”. I went and it was a nice crowd, but nothing special to call home about. I am not sure if it has gotten worst since 2005 when I last went. SSU, now that is a boss fete! Food, Drinks, vibes, and your dignity stays in tact. what more could a fete master want?

27 12 2007

Oh yes that was my account of the drama trying to get Vale tickets lol, I didn’t realise it was making the rounds in an email!! Oh one edit, the fete is kinda all-inclusive.. they serve sada roti, bake and shark and corn soup with scotch. I edited the post to take out that part so for 400.00 that is what yuh getting steeeuuuuups!

28 12 2007

This whole scene juss stinks. Its a mentalty that certain folks in T&T have…….but dem special…and its not in a good way. Let dem keep dey stush ultra super duper secret 007 secret code required bfast party. Ah hope dey realize dat Carnival consumers are becoming more and more disgusted by disrespect and rip-off fetes. Consumer are also becoming more educated thru message boards and blogs, is not like long time……word spreding faster dese days. So all dem promoters who want to treat people like shit……..allyuh go be sucking a whole lot ah salt soon.

2 01 2008

I’m glad this is getting out in the open. If it wasn’t for blogs like this one and Saucy’s people will be caught unawares in some cases and not know they are getting abused. I stress “In some cases”, other cases of carnival goers are akin to the Stockholm Syndrome for fetes and mas. As soon as more people take the feathered and beaded wool off thier eyes these “uber-exclusive” fetes will be a thing of the past.

4 01 2008

hmmnn..not sure as to why you would willing put yourself thru this after experiencing it once. I’ve gone to SSU, and it was good, well worth the money, good food, great drinks, and the people were nice. No stush, wannabes anywhere, just nice vibes.

To me, once i have to almost be jumping thru hoops, trying to call someone, who may know someone on some committee who may be able to hook me up with a ticket or two, then nope…i doh bother. My money is the same as anybody else’s money.

I could save my money and have more in hand for Lent and beyond.

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