Bobolee Bamsey Blocking Bodyguards aka B to d Power of 4

22 12 2007



There is a 5th B that sums up this type fella well but ah go keep dis post clean of profanity since we getting close to Christmas…….nah forget it he is a bitch…..a straight up chupidee bobolee bitch.  Wat kinna man follows a woman for 2 days tru d hot sun as if he is Kevin Costner and she is Whitney Houston.  As a fella I  label he as a jackass, but then too it takes two to tango eh.  So d question also have to be asked……..wat kinna a woman encourages a man to do dat chupidness.  Dat have 2 be also 1 of the most visible signs of possessivness I have ever seen besides wearing matching clothes.  We talking bout ah grown man following a woman for somewhey between 8-10 miles and at least 20-24 hours over a 2 day period.   Dat isnt normal behavior in my book.  Fella……why oh why oh why yuh doing dat boy?  Woman, why oh why oh why yuh setting womankind back to d stoneage by promoting dat caveman behaviour.  Oh, let we doh forget d female version of the B 4.  This is the chick who tink she is best fren of d year and must protect she fren bamsey from unwanted advances and attacks.  D fren doh necessarily wah she help, but dis chick feels neglected dat nobody wah jam she, so she pretends to be d best protector on d road.  Wat a fraud and an annoyance. 

But yuh kno wah, we can sit here and call yuh chupidee all day.  Or, we can continue with our mission to provide guidance and solutions to all your problems.  First people, you must realize that Jealousy and Mas don’t mix.  Its a bad combination like gunpowder and matches.  We acknowledge that this common problem and as a result, ManLaw #5, was written.  “Thou shall not play mas in same section as wife or girlfriend!!” 

Separation is just the first step in solving any jealousy issues you may have.

Next step is getting yuh mind right. Fellas, ovastand that there 3x as many women playing mas as men.  They all wearing a bra and panty (or less) on the road juss like yuh significant other.  She will blend in and no one is just staring at her like she swinging on a pole for money.

Next, a good portion of the men you “think” might be wining up on your significant other, are really not into her especially if they carryin on like this   ↓↓↓                                                                                               


We don’t know what type of physique you have but hopefully it look a little better than these fine specimens.  As long as yuh woman not into mampee men, yuh don’t have to worry about these characters if dey tief a wine wit her.  It won’t last long, they will be out of breath by the time the truck starts moving again.


And then, there are our senior masqueraders.  You gotta love dem. Now if you fraid dis scarey fella stealing yuh woman, then u have deep self esteem issues and should seek counseling.


Keep in mind that yuh woman might be wining on other woman more often than not.  This is common practice because there aren’t enough real men to go around.


If you have a problem with ah next woman wining up on yuh woman, please hit the X in the upper right corner of this window right now and don’t ever come back to our site.

OK..since yuh still here, we will continue.

Now we don’t want you to get over confident, because thats not to say that there aren’t fellas like this roaming around. 


Chances are yuh woman will run up to him, other celebrities and the steroid induced masqueraders for pictures that you will be taking (since she have you carrying her camera among other things)  But, these fellas probably not studying her.  Remember, she not special..she on the road dressed the same way as 250,000 other women.  So do the math, there’s a 1 in 250,000 chance you would lose yuh woman to a Michael Ealy.  That’s not to say that lightning doesn’t strike.  Somebody woman hit it big by getting knocked up by Jay-Z a few years ago. But chances are, you can find a new woman on the road before your woman finds a new man.  Unless of course you are) a jealous ass, and (2) Look like a hot mess.  Rest assure, that if you are a hot mess, then she’s probably a hot mess and no one wants to downgrade.  

So fellas, don’t be a jealous ass or a B cube as we call them.  Let yuh woman enjoy carnival.  Play in a next band or atleast a next section. If yuh doing right by her, she won’t even take names from the fellas she getting random wines from.  Be cool, she will love you more at the end of the day.

Ladies, don’t think we forgot allyuh are prone to behave in the same manner if not worse.  We have already addressed this issue several times over wit yuh ability to manipulate yuh men in “Assume yuh position“, and even brain washing him into homosexual grooming activities as explained in “Ladies Stop Faggotizing these Men“.  You are not slick!!  We know your methods of masking your jealousy by making yuh man unapproachable.  The Wining Kriminals are here to put an end to yuh game and liberate our clueless bredren.




5 responses

24 12 2007

This was my favourite post…..EASILY!!!
I love dis blog!!!

24 12 2007
Brown Girl In The ring

so true…i hope that they really listen

26 12 2007

I have to say, i am a frequent reader of saucy’s blog, and was put on to d winning criminals by her. This by far has been one of the funniest post written to date. Keep up the good work guys. Your female fan base is growing strong!

~Happy Boxing Day!

27 12 2007
Piff Huxtable

for real… i enjoy this one…you left out one important part though… the woman/man maccomere friends… you know, the ones who see you wining on a sweet something for a minute and have to run in the band to find them to tell them what going on… Once you reach home, your woman/man knows every body you wine on down to the timeframe and stretch of the parade route yuh was with them….

27 12 2007

LOL!! Oh gosh alyuh lightning could strike me any day 😛
But this one was too funny. I nearly fall off my chair when I see the scarey senior masquerader. LMAO!!

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