Long Time Dey Wanted KFC……Now Dem Gal Only Wah Yuh Fuh Card

18 12 2007


If allyuh eh have a clue wat ah talking bout den discontinue reading dis blog from dis day on.  I is a man who like dem ole calypsonians who stil arrung and dropping rell wicked tunes still.  Last year Crazy drop Cold Sweat and I did kno it was going to be a hit from day 1.  This year he drop 4 tunes and ah like all 4 ah dem.   D controversial 1 of course is d “Phone Card” aka “Fuh Card” aka “Forkk Her Hard aka “Forkk Hard”.   If u r living under a big stone and doh kno bout dis tune, ah suggest yuh doh ever claim to be a West Indian again in yuh life.  As the countdown to C2K8 draws nearer we plan to highlight a few of the more jokey tunes and also give the Wining Kriminals Top 20 Rubdown for 2K8, which are the can’t miss hits dat will mashup all fetes and d road for Carnival or Loud4Spite will give yuh a refund.  In d meantime for those who living under dat big stone ah was talking bout earlier, u can listen to all new 2K8 tunes on www.trinijunglejuice.com or www.torontolime.com.  And remember fellas, when allyuh go Trinidad for Carnival………..she only wah yuh fuh card, KFC 5 piece special outta style. 




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