Tanks for D Support…….We Mean Dat

10 12 2007



Canboulay Had Visions…

Loud4Spite Bringing D Visions To Life

MidNight Robber Experienced D Visions

Sweet Ting Explaining D Visions

Wining Kriminals Thanks Our Dedicated Readers & To Those Who Have Linked Us To Their Sites/Blogs/Forums..We Appreciate D Support & Feedback..So Keep Allyuh Comments Coming!

 We Have A Mission..& We Using D Net To Spread Our Word..So Who Vex Loss..Talk Dun

The Man’s Man Guide To Carnival: Fellas Liming Hard and Playing Mas

Like Every Other Successful Venture Out There, We Had Our NaySayers & Detractors From D Beginning..

But Say Wha And Look Where We Is Now..5,000 Hits and Counting..

We Have More Surprises In Store Than What You’d Find In Jacko’s Bedroom Coming In the Future For Our Loyal Readers..Tell Yuh Friends Bout Our Blog..Word By Mouth Is Always Appreciated..

As We Hit Up Tnt, Caribana, Cropover, Miami..D Parkway Next Year..(God Spare Life )More Commess Guaranteed To Shit Yuh Screen..Err Ah Mean Hit..You Decide LoL

Yuh Never Know..Yuh Might See Some Dapper Fellas Walking Thru D Crowd Wear D Infamous Wining Kriminals Logo Emblazoned Tees….Ladies Feel Free To Introduce YuhSelf..We Doh Bite

With A Little Under 2 Months To Go..

Carnival Season Is In Full Gear..

Costumes Bought..

Airline Tickets In Hand..

People Searching Fuh Fetes, Inclusives Tickets

Everyone Securing Their Transportation, Meals & Place To Stay

Soca 2K8 Songs Hitting D RadioWaves..

If You Go Thru Some Ah These Articles Of Wisdom, All Of These Aspects Of Carnival Are Explained Thoroughly..So If Yuh Ha To Print Some Of These Articles Out..No Scene..Juss Memba Whey Yuh Get Yuh Answers From..

Yuh Could Say We Is Allyuh Carnival MapQuest..

But In D Mean While..Enjoy Allyuh Parang & Peanut Punch..Cause Allyuh Know What Happening..Xmas Is Coming!…

Anyhow Ah Gone..

This Is LoudFuhSpite Signing Off..

P.S.: Yeah Ah Know Ah Quiet..& That Contradicts Meh Name..But Like Some Allyuh..I Here Too Behind D Scenes Trying To Figure Out If I Can Make It For 2K8..Massa Wuk Neva Done 😦

 P.S.S. The Child Is From Trinidad Carnival, Year UnKnown, But I Chose That Specific Pic For A Reason…..Her Beauty & Smile..Her Spirit..Something We Can All Appreciate..

 Is We Who Does Keep This Ting Alive..

And It Is Our Duty To Bring It To The Next Generation To Survive..




7 responses

11 12 2007

ok..ah juss finish eatin ah big bowl ah chow..lol..I gave the blog one month tops, but glad to see I was wrong….nice work folks keep the laughs coming in your informative articles..:)

12 12 2007
Robber Talk

Aww Dancer, you should have a little more faith 😉

12 12 2007

I think it’s refreshing to “hear” that lone male voice crying out in the Carnival wilderness.

16 12 2007
Sweet Ting

eh hem…shands…doh forget de lone female voice in dis ring of male madness…

Dancer..ah remember you wit yuh one month tops…glad we could prove you wrong…

19 12 2007

it’s great that you’ve been proving those nay-sayers wrong.
keep up the good work, and keep up the entertaining entries

26 12 2007

My bad Sweet Ting!

3 01 2008
-:¦:-•:*''''*:•.-:¦:-•* cb *•-:¦:-•:*''''*:•-:¦:-

I know I’m late with this comment, but the masquerader in the pic is from 2006 Carnival, Rosemarie Perkins’ presentation of “3.” Her section is 3 Little Pigs. (Masquerader is my cousin, hence my being all up in the business.)

Also, I wanted to commend you on the wonderful job you all are doing with the blog. Your comedic, yet truthful entries keep your readers in stitches. Wonderful prep for The Greatest Festival on Earth. Cheers! Keep it up, eh.

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