Jouvert Morning…..Chippin Down D Road and We Dutty…..Cah Play Mas If Yuh Fraid Powder

2 12 2007


Yes… so sweet dat it need 3 titles and 4 tunes for allyuh who doh understand how sweet it relly is……





De sweetest morning of de year. De cock eh crow yet. Yuh still feeling de liquor from yuh Carnival Sunday festivities. De weak ones can be easily spotted as they are drooling on dey pillow and snoring down de place. Yet you are up and ready, getting dressed in yuh old clothes ready to go down de road. You my friend are a true carnival junkie. A Jouvert Road warrior.

Now, Jouvert is not for the weak at heart. Carnival Virgins beware! Carnival Virgin babysittters…well, let yuh people know because is your business dat go be fix when yuh friend come out in dey Sunday best looking to be cute and vex when dey get rushed with MUD, OIL, PAINT, and POWDER! Grown ass men slow down and listen to me for a second. Yuh listening?

There is nothing less attractive than a man running from a next man jouvert time over a lil duttiness. Yuh cyah play mas if yuh fraid powda….or mud…or paint…just save we de time and stay home wit de rest ah pretenders. If yuh feel yuh too cute or yuh hair too nice or yuh doh like feeling dutty again…STAY HOME!!!

We doh want to hear how yuh tired from last night (or de last 5 nights).

We doh want to hear, “Drinking again? It’s only 5am!” We not taking dat!

Don’t ask me when we going home or when is this going to be over. You will most likely get a very dirty look if not a hard lash. Dat is blasphemy! How de ass yuh could ask me when will Jouvert be over?

Don’t feel as though we going and sleep after this. It’s home, bathe, Monday gear and back down de road. Take yuh ginseng and multibionta and tonic and thing from now. Yuh thought fete after fete was presha? Yuh ent see nothing yet…from now till Ash Wednesday is PACE!!! Keep up or get left back!

Now I am a different breed from many but doh ask me bout no facking DJ truck on a jouvert mornin nah. Yuh hearing dem tunes in every fete. Yuh going and hear dem tunes beat in yuh head from now to Ash Friggin Wednesday. I repeat doh ask me bout no DJ truck on Jouvert morning. All I want is IRON! Riddim Section must be in full effect for me to feel complete on a Jouvert morning. For me, Jouvert is many things:

Jouvert is leaving de house early in de morning when it still dark like yuh goin and catch a flight.

Jouvert is drinking str8 Fernandes, Johnny, and Black and White at 5 am.

Jouvert is chasing yuh liquor wit a doubles wit tamarind and slight peppa fuh breakfast on de side ah de road.

Jouvert is following yuh doubles wit more liquor as yuh chipping down de road.

Jouvert is IRON! Jouvert is IRON! Jouvert is IRON! Did I mention Iron?

Jouvert is a sweet riddim section knocking down de road.

Jouvert is MUD. Jouvert is Oil. Jouvert is Powder.

Jouvert is watching de sun rise listening to a sweet riddim section while drinking meh rum and chipping down de road.

Jouvert is NOT for amateurs.

Now you definitely need to know yuhself as yuh make yuh jouvert plans. Like any other part of carnival there are organized Jouvert options. You can choose to register with one of several bands that will provide you a specific route, security, music, some sort of costume or tshirt, mud, paint or other get dutty accessories and other amenities you may feel are necessary. I personally have never played a organized jouvert…but I am somewhat of a jouvert vagrant and I tend to float to where de iron draws me. As I mentioned before, I also stay away from de music truck jouvert sections and I certainly not paying fuh that. But ah cyah quite knock it since I have not tried it. Some bands may have music trucks plus things like Tassa like I have heard Red Ants provides. I hear Section 8 was good last year and apparently they also had a riddim section. For those that wanted a change in dutty I also heard of and saw many members of Chocolate city who were of course covered in chocolate. If you have never participated in Jouvert you may want to go with one of these bands that will provide you with some sort of structure and keep you safe. You sure doh want to be in any and every part or Port of Spain wandering aimlessly on a Jouvert morning as an unsuspecting tourist. In an upcoming posting I am going to list some of the organized options fuh allyuh below and yuh can take yuh pick because I know everybody is not a Jouvert vagrant like myself and I not being held responsible for none ah allyuh.

1 Last ting b4 allyuh lose allyuh minds come Jouvert morning, remember everybody go be dutty. Now I have nuttin against vagrants, as a matter of fact some of my best frens are vagrants. Keep in mind yuh might have some authentic vagrants chippin, jumpin and jamming right next to you. So like Sprangalang would say……”yuh better watch yuh content.”

Dis is yuh gyul Sweet Ting signing off…until next time…




4 responses

2 12 2007

i love it, i luv this article. better yet it is a memoir, that connects everyone’s experience of Jouvert. I got flashbacks of even my first memory of jouvert…
great choice of visual as well, the colors make everything seem illusional…that’s what jouvert is, a whole mixture of vibes.

6 12 2007

This is the best description of Jour Vert that I have ever heard. I have been playing Jour Vert since I was 15 with my Mother riding herd on 4 kids in Invaders band at the back. Now I live overseas and the one thing I have to play is Jour Vert. It is the best part of Carnival – the rest has become a “posing” ting but at Jour Vert – you can’t be a poser ’cause everyone is too busy having a good time – being dutty, 1/2 drunk and chipping down the road to the music. It is also the only time we can enjoy steelband anymore and that makes it even more special.

7 12 2007

Jouvert is the alpha and omega of Carnival in my eyes. The good thing is it represents the beginning of Carnival, but the bad is it also lets you kno the end is approaching. I always welcome the challenge of being able to keep go test my endurance by being able to start off Carnival Monday and Tuesday wit Jouvert Morning. If yuh ent play Jouvert yuh cheating yuhself of the full Carnival experience.

20 01 2010

Sweet Ting,

Yuh mekkin’ me real laugh over here. You explained Jouvert exactly how I would. I LOVE it. I look forward to Jouvert more than carnival itself. You right when yuh say, don’t ask me when it done. LOL. I can’t wait til its time to hit de road. See allyuh on de dutty, nasty, jouvert road.

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