Kriminal Rant……………..Chupidees

16 11 2007


 Battered Masquerader Syndrome (BMS) is a phenomenon where a masquerader has been bobolized by a mas band and returns to the same band after a few empty promises are made that the “beatings” will stop. 


Perfect example, I was reading bout a BIGTIME band launching in NYC a few days ago and how blown away masqueraders were with seeing the costumes in person.  The Flip-Flop Wajangs started flipping and flopping as to their true nature.  I though to myself………”Self: “How soon people forget about getting kicked in the mouth and clout in d back ah dey head”.  

 It was a few months ago that there were so many people who were outraged over the treatment they received from registration to Carnival Monday and Tuesday on d road.    Yuh ever see a human being try to catch a gift bag like a Frisbee…….”Ok, Sit Ubu sit, good dog”.  There were confirmed reports of costume malfunctions (wrong size, falling apart, etc), wutless security coverage where half of T&T crossed d stage wit masqueraders, DJ’s playing a certain tune over and over like groundhog day and using a broomstick as a Standard for each section as if is midgets in d entire band.  And of course the ig-no-rant entertainer walking arrung like a politician running for office, but getting into an altercation with a female masquerader.  Shouldn’t meh boy have been performing?


But all is now well, how soon we forgive and forget when we get into “Carnival Bazodee” mode.  Come nah people.  Its time to hold these bands accountable for their actions and make them prove to you that they appreciate your hard earned dollar.  Let them prove to you that they will do right by you………….so far I eh not impressed or convinced that they really give a damn bout their consumers.

****Coming Soon ****

Fete after Fete after Fete after Fete…………………….Mashing Up Fete is We Name




2 responses

17 11 2007

..and then they wonder why these bands will never change their ways. I mean if i offering a product and no matter how shoddy my product and service is, customers keep coming back and paying for whatever i offer, why de a$$ should i change?!!!
…”laughing all the way to the bank!!!!”

18 11 2007

they like it so apparently…

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