CarnivalManLaws Amendments

2 11 2007

 The CarnivalManLaws, like any constitution is a living document which can be altered at anytime, in order to meet the needs of the people.  It is important for you people to understand that as time goes on, new rules and regulations are needed to move with the times.  I was taking a bush bath ah few days ago and slipped into a deep sleep, and a voice sounding like Brigo, spoke of these additional laws to me. 





4 responses

14 11 2007

Response to “in search of ass”

Okay so it is not rare to find men bamboozeld by the female body. I see why many men register for bands, that have most revealing female costumes, because one wants to get “free” grabs and or just be in the aura of naked female bodies. However what does this say to an outsider, who dosen’t have an understanding of what carnival is. Well their perspective would most likely be “carnival is a freak show”. If I recall in the early beginning of carnival, you dare to see a man, or woman exposing their stomachs. Masking was the essential part of the costume. Besides the Catholic church ridculed those, whose behavior seemed vulgar, or were dressed very lude. So what does the fascination of the female body have anything to do with Carnival? nothing at all. this is simply the effect of the male-dominate society and is also influenced by urbanization. SEX SELLS to locals and Tourists lol.

15 11 2007
Robber Talk

SA Babe, I completely agree with everything you are saying and as stated, I make no excuses for it. Not a doubt in my mind that 75% of the men playing mas do so because of the presence of women. Lets be honest, if there were “no women” in mas, Carnival would be a gay pride parade! Which Im sure the other 25% of men that play mas would love. Carnival is now all about business with roots steeped in tradition. Very few really maintain the tradition and heritage from the ole time mas.

15 11 2007

so this leaves me to question, what will carnival become in the next decade? and how will the next generation be educated about Carnival and it’s historical traditions? I dont reject that gender sexuality is not apart of it’s history in the making, but how do we also retain those cultural traditions, that were once valued in carnival. Carnival in many ways is a form of resistance and in this case it seems that it has failed if have allowed it to become what it is today. this is not to say that it has not continued to progress, there is evidence which supports this to be true. I mean there would not be a notting hill carnival, or rotterdam if it wasn’t for the minority of west indians who settled in these locations. but more importantly one has to recognize that one had to fight for the right to even rebuild a carnival in their foreign home. so this is why I have an issue with “searching for ass” in carnival. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with men being captivated by beauty and embracing that. but as someone, who has grown up with the tradition, you must give the whole perspective and not just the one that appeals to your sex. this not to say you have to give a historical analysis on stick fighting lol. I mean honestly that wouldn’t be entertaining, but don’t just discuss the booty, but the art behind the costume.

15 11 2007

WOW. SA BABE, we are also concerned about the future of Carnival and all other aspects of our culture. It is unfair of you to criticize 1 post in a month old Blog. We do intend to touch on more deep cultural subjects in our own timing. This blog is for adults, not kids, and I like your ideas. So, what I strongly recommend for someone so passionate and knowledgable about “Carnaval” is to go to this site and sign up for your own blog where you can immediately start educating the tourists and yutes about the history of “Carnaval”. For now we gonna talk bout booty, booze, soca and fetes. If you need help setting yuh new Blog up let meh kno.

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